Information for students of Medical Specialisation Schools

Published Absences for illness and personal reasons (in Italian)
Published Badges, clothing, meals, personal stamps
Information for students enrolled in the Medical Specialisation Schools
Published Certificates, self-certifications and diploma supplement
Specialisation Schools - All the information you need to request for exam and qualification certificates quickly and easily
Published Code of behaviour
Ethical code of behaviour for trainee specialists.
Published Fees - Amounts and Payment deadlines (in Italian)
Information on the amounts and deadlines for the payment of fees for students enrolled in the Medical Specialisation Schools and Health Area Specialisation Schools.
Published Fees - Payment methods and refunds (in Italian)
Instructions for paying university fees and for obtaining a refund for any fees that were paid twice or were not due.
Published Graduation Exam (in Italian)
Published Implementation agreements
General agreements on specialist training.
Published Insurance coverage
Insurance coverage for specialist medical students
Published Non authorised absences (in Italian)
Published Maternity leave (in Italian)
Published Salary
Specialisation Schools
Published Specialist medical students
Contract, Incompatibility, Training, Regulation.
Published Training outside of the training network
Guidelines issued by the Academic Senate concerning training outside of the training network
Published Transfer from another university - incoming (in Italian)
Information on incoming transfer applications from other universities to the medical specialisation schools of this university, for years following the first year.
Published Transfer to another university - outgoing (in Italian)
Information on outgoing transfer applications from this university to medical specialisation schools of other universities, for years following the first year.
Published Withdrawal from studies
Specialisation Schools