Professional Master programme in Tourism promotion and managment of cultural Heritage - 5557

Code 5557
Academic Year 2019-2020
Subject area Sociology, Economics, Law
Campus Ravenna
Level First
Director Cristina Bernini
Duration Annual
Teaching methods Conventional
Language Italian
Cost € 3.500,00
Instalments I instalment € 2.000,00 II instalment € 1.500,00
Application deadline

Nov 15, 2019 (Expired)

Enrollment start and end from 9 December 2019 to 07 January 2020
Main Department
Center for Advanced Studies in Tourism - CAST
Number of participants
Min: 8 Max: 20
Admission qualifications
Three-year degrees achieved under the DM 270/04 in the following classes:

L-1 Cultural heritage
L-3 Disciplines of figurative arts, music, entertainment and fashion
L-5 Philosophy;
L-6 Geography
L-10 Letters;
L-11 Modern languages ​​and cultures
L-12 Linguistic Mediation;
L-14 Science of legal services;
L-15 Tourism Sciences;
L-16 Administration and Organization Sciences
L-17 Architecture Sciences;
L-18 Economics and business management sciences
L-20 Communication Sciences;
L-21 Spatial planning, urban planning, landscape and environmental sciences
L-33 Economic Sciences;
L-36 Political sciences and international relations;
L-37 Social sciences for cooperation, development, peace;
L-39 Social service;
L-40 Sociology;
L-41 Statistics;
L-42 History;
L-43 Sciences for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage or first cycle degrees of equivalent subject area
Selection criteria
assessment of qualifications
Place of teaching
Campus of Ravenna
Study plan
  • Goods and cultural heritage - BIO / 08 - lecturer Carlo Tosto
  • Economy and management of cultural heritage - SECS-P / 02 - lecturer Antonello Eugenio Scorcu
  • Tourist and cultural systems and itineraries - M-GGR / 02 - lecturer Alessia Mariotti
  • Tourism communication and promotion of cultural assets and events - SPS / 08 - lecturer Fabio Viola
  • Digitali Digital and IT technologies for cultural and tourist offer - INF / 01 - lecturer Marco Orlandi
  • Analysis of markets and performance of goods and cultural events - SECS-S / 03 - lecturer Cristina Bernini
  • Economy and market of arts and events - SECS-P / 02 - lecturer Laura Vici
  •  Performance measurement and people management in companies cul - SECS-P / 10 - lecturer Francesco Maria Barbini
  • Management of cultural institutions -L-ART / 02 - lecturer Maurizio Felicori
  • Regulatory aspects and cultural property law - IUS-10 - lecturer Giuseppe Garzia
  • Fundraising in culture - SECS-P / 09 - lecturer Pierpaolo Pattitoni
  • Laboratory In Festival
  • Tourism Innovation Laboratory
Compulsory attendance
14 CFU