Professional Master programme in MIXR – Master in Innovation in eXtended Reality - 5672

Code 5672
Academic Year 2019-2020
Subject area Sciences and technology
Campus Bologna
Level First
Director Gustavo Marfia
Duration Annual
Teaching methods Conventional
Language English, Italian
Cost 3.000,00 Euro
Instalments First instalment 1.500,00 Euro; Second instalment 1.500,00 Euro (deadline 30/04/2020)
Application deadline

Nov 04, 2019 (Expired)

Enrolment start and end From 04 to 15 of November 2019 for the call; From 08 to 15 of November 2019 for the new call
Main Department
Department for Life Quality Studies - QUVI
Professional Profile
The Master provides the necessary knowledge for the design of immersive experiences through the use of augmented and virtual reality technologies, specializing the skills in four sectors with high application potential: design, architecture, fashion and medicine.
Number of participants
Min: 23 Max: 50
Selection criteria
Admission to the Master is subject to a positive opinion based on assessment of the qualifications and individual interview.

The evaluation process will take place at Aula Nadia Busi - Dipartimento di Informatica - Scienza e Ingegneria - DISI, Mura Anteo Zamboni 7, 40126 Bologna:

- 22 October for candidates to the call;
- 5 Novemeber for candidates to the new call.
Place of teaching
EON Reality in via del Lavoro 47, 40033 Casalecchio di Reno
Study plan
  • General theory and methodology – SSD INF/01 – Gustavo Marfia
  • Anticipation and advanced design – SSD ICAR/13 – Elena Maria Formia
  • Introduction to AVR and development workflows – SSD INF/01 – Marcin Kasica
  • Development of 3D AVR enabled assets – SSD INF/01 – Adam Bladowski
  • Programming interactive applications – SSD INF/01 – David Perret
  • AVR immersive systems – SSD INF/01 – Nils Andersson
  • Urban design and governance – SSD ICA/20 – Valentina Orioli
  • Cultural heritage protection and conservation – SSD ICAR/19 – Marco Pretelli
  • Cultural heritage and accessibility – SSD ICAR/12 – Jacopo Gaspari
  • Digital visualisation techniques for architecture and cultural Heritage – SSD ICAR/17 – Marco Gaiani
  • VR and AR applications in the field of product design – SSD ICAR/13 – Andreas Sicklinger
  • Case study from packaging industry – SSD ICAR/13 – Andreas Sicklinger
  • Service design – SSD ICAR/13 – Valentina Gianfrate
  • Product and machine life – SSD ICAR/17 – Fabrizio Ivan Apollonio
  • A theoretical, technological and aesthetic perspective of fashion – SSD L-ART/03 – Fabriano Fabbri
  • Fashion narratives – SSD M-FIL/05 – Giampaolo Proni
  • Fashion languages and visualizations – SSD L-ART/03 – Federica Muzzarelli
  • Ecommerce, archives and installations – SSD INF/01 – Gustavo Marfia
  • AR/VR and Medicine, an introduction – SSD ING-IND/34 – Emanuela Marcelli
  • From medical imaging to anatomical 3D models – SSD ING-INF/06 – Cristiana Corsi
  • VR applications in medicine – SSD MED/22 – Mauro Gargiulo
  • VR/AR and 3D modelling in maxillofacial treatments – SSD MED/29 – Claudio Marchetti
  • 3D Modelling in orthopaedic surgery – SSD ING-IND/34 – Alberto Leardini
  • Regulatory and economic aspects – SSD IUS/10 – Maria Livia Rizzo
Compulsory attendance
15 cfu

Professional Master programme notices

Reopening deadlines of call for applications

Reopening deadlines of call for applications for admission to the Professional Master's Programme in “MIXR – Master in Innovation in eXtended Reality”. Candidates must registered for the selection within 13.00 of 04 November 2019.