Professional Master programme in Hair and scalp diseases - 5666

Code 5666
Academic Year 2019-2020
Subject area Health
Campus Bologna
Level Second
Director Bianca Maria Piraccini
Duration Annual
Teaching methods Conventional
Language English, Italian
Cost 4.000,00 €
Instalments I instalment 2.500,00 €; II instalment 1.500,00 €
Application deadline

Dec 06, 2019 (Expired)

Enrolment start and end from 20/12/2019 to 09/01/2020
Main Department
Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine - DIMES
Professional Profile
This Professional Master’s programme trains professionals capable of accurately recognising and diagnosing the main diseases of the hair and scalp, thanks to in-depth knowledge of clinical manifestations and of the main instrumental tests (pull tests, trichoscopy and biopsy), as well as providing understanding of the psychological and social impact that these diseases can have on patients. In addition, the Master programme provides essential knowledge to carry out and effectively prescribe the main medical and/or surgical treatments specific to each disease.
Number of participants
Min: 12 Max: 25
Admission qualifications
Single cycle degree pursuant to Italian Ministerial Decree no. 270/04 in the class LM-41 Medicine and Surgery, possibly pursuant to the previous systems (Italian Ministerial Decree no. 509/99 and Previous system). In any case, a qualification obtained in Italy, specifically a second cycle degree from the University of Bologna (Previous degree programme system, Second cycle degree/Two year Master, Single cycle/Combined Bachelor and Master degree) or a similar qualification obtained abroad in accordance with the law of the country issuing the qualification is required.
Selection criteria
assessment of qualifications
Place of teaching
Clinica Dermatologica, Pad 29, Ospedale Sant'Orsola-Malpighi Dipartimento di Medicina specialistica, Sperimentale e Diagnostica
Study plan
  • Anatomy and physiology of the scalp and hair follicle - SSD: MED / 35 - lecturer: Bianca Maria Piraccini;
  • Approach to the trichological patient: anamnesis, pull test, trichoscopy, confocal microscopy examination and scalp biopsy - SSD: MED / 35 - lecturer: Michela Starace;
  • Androgenetic Alopecia - SSD: MED / 35 - lecturer: Bianca Maria Piraccini;
  • Non-cicatricial scalp disorders: Alopecia Areata, Telogen and anagen effluvium - SSD: MED / 35 - lecturer: Bianca Maria Piraccini;
  • Inflammatory disorders: Seborrheic dermatitis and scalp psoriasis / Infectious scalp disorders / Allergic scalp disorders - SSD: MED / 35 - lecturer: Annalisa Patrizi;
  • Scalar scarring disorders: Lichen plano-pilare, Lupus Erythematosus Discoid, Alopeci Fibrosante Frontale and Folliculitis Foltering - SSD: MED / 35 - lecturer: Bianca Maria Piraccini;
  • Stem and hair color changes / Hypertrichosis and Hirsutism / Cosmetology - SSD: MED / 35 - Lecturer: Bianca Maria Piraccini;
  • Farmacology in trichology / Food supplementation / Psychiatry in trichology / Psychology in trichology approach to the trichological patient - SSD: MED / 35 - lecturer: Paolo Maria Russo;
  • Regenerative therapy (LED, TFD, PRP) / Surgical therapy / Wigs and trichological prostheses - SSD: MED / 35 - lecturer: Emi Dika;
  • Trology in pediatric age / Hair changes from drugs / Hair changes in systemic diseases - SSD: MED / 35 - lecturer: Annalisa Patrizi
15 CFU
Final Examination