Professional Master programme in International Business Relation: Italy-Russian - 8809

Code 8809
Academic Year 2019-2020
Subject area Sociology, Economics, Law
Campus Bologna
Level First
Director Nicola Soldati
Duration Annual
Teaching methods Conventional
Language Italian
Cost 3.800,00 €
Instalments I instalment 2.000,00 €; II instalment 1.800,00 €
Application deadline

Jan 24, 2020 (Expired)

Enrollment start and end From 04/02/2020 to 14/02/2020
Main Department
Department of Sociology and Business Law - SDE
Number of participants
Min: 12 Max: 20
Admission qualifications
Three-year degrees achieved under the DM 270/04 in the following classes:

L-11: Languages ​​and modern culture

L-12: Linguistic mediation

L-14: Science of legal services

L-15: Tourism Sciences

L-16: Administration and organization sciences

L-18: Economics and Business Management Sciences

L-33: Economic Sciences

L-36: Political sciences and international relations

L-37: Social sciences for cooperation, development for peace

L-41: Statistics or first cycle degrees of equivalent disciplinary field

Master's degree and single-cycle master's degree obtained under the D.M. 270/04 in the following classes:

LM-37 Modern and American Languages ​​and Literatures

LM-38 Modern Languages ​​for communication and international cooperation

LM-52 International relations

LM-56 Economics Sciences

LM-77 Business Economics

LM-81 Science for development cooperation

LM-82 Statistical Sciences

LM-94 Translation and Interpreting or second cycle or single cycle degrees of equivalent disciplinary field
Linguistic skills
Good knowledge of English (B2)
Initial knowledge of Russian language (A2)
Selection criteria
assessment of qualifications
Selection date
Jan 29, 2020
Place of teaching
Study plan
  • Company and business contracts, international contracts, protection of intellectual property - SSD: IUS / 04 - lecturer Nicola Soldati;
  • Management of Italian and international labor relations - SDD: IUS / 07 - lecturer Emanuele Menegatti;
  • International taxation - SSD: IUS/12 - lecturer Roberto Baboro;
  • Juridical regulation of productive activities and foreign trade - SSD: IUS / 05 - lecturer Beatrice Bertarini;
  • International Economy: SSD: SECS-P / 01 - lecturer Emanuele Forlani;
  • Marketing and international trade techniques - SSD: SECS-P / 08 - lecturer Daniele Rimini;
  • Strategies for the Russian market, SSD: SECS-P / 10 - lecturer Francesca Di Tonno
  • Russian political and cultural structure, geography and economy of the Russian market - SSD: SECS-P01 - lecturer Davide Tabarelli;
  • International finance - SSD: SECS-P / 01 - lecturer Andrea Mantovani;
  • Deepening on commercial, tax and Russian labor law - SSD: IUS / 04 - lecturer Daniele Pascale;
  • Strategies and internationalization techniques - SSD: SECS-P / 08 - lecturer Marco Corsino;
  • Finance Entrepreneurship - SSD: SECS-P / 11 - TEACHER: Simona Zambelli
Compulsory attendance
20 CFU