Professional Master programme in Economics of Cooperation - MUEC - 8287

Code 8287
Academic Year 2019-2020
Subject area Sociology, Economics, Law
Campus Bologna
Level First
Director Flavio Delbono
Duration Annual
Teaching methods Conventional
Language Italian
Cost 3.000,00 €
Instalments I Instalment: 1.500,00 €, II Instalment 1.500,00 €
Application deadline

Dec 09, 2019 (Expired)

Enrollment start and end From 30/12/2019 to 15/01/2020
Main Department
Department of Economics - DSE
Professional Profile
The Professional Master's Programme curriculum aims to train middle managers and officers in businesses and/or organisations and services relating to the Cooperative Movement; professionals and/or consultants for the cooperation sector; new cooperative entrepreneurs.
Number of participants
Min: 15 Max: 30
Admission qualifications
a) All three-year degrees pursuant to DM 270/04 or other three-year degrees in equivalent subjects, including those obtained under previous degree systems (DM 509/99 and the older degree systems "Vecchio Ordinamento").

b) All second and single cycle degrees pursuant to D.M. 270/04; or second or single cycle degree in an equivalent subject area, including those obtained under previous degree systems (D.M. 509/99 and Previous Degree System).
Selection criteria
Oral exam and assessment of qualifications
Selection date
Dec 14, 2019
Place of teaching
School of Economics and Management of Bologna
Study plan
  • Cooperation and Innovation – SSD SECS P/06 – Lecturer Paolo VENTURI
  • Institutions, Markets and Cooperative Companies - SSD SEC SP/01 - Lecturer Flavio Delbono
  • Cooperatives and Sustainability - SSD SECSP/06 - Lecturer Mario Viviani
  • The business culture in cooperation in historical perspective - SSD SECS P/12 - Lecturer Patrizia Battilani
  •  The financial statements and their interpretation - SSD SECS P/07 - Lecturer Marco Tieghi
  • Digitization and Cooperation 4.0 - SSD ING-IND35 - Lecturer Maurizio Sobrero
  • Mission, Governance, Accountability of the cooperative enterprise - SSD SECS P/07 - Lecturer Antonio Matacena
  • The measurement of performances in cooperatives  - SSD SECS P/07 - Lecturer Maurizio Marano
  • Strategy and organization of cooperatives - SSD SECS-P/07 – Lecturer Federica Bandini
  • The right of cooperation - SSD IUS/04 - Lecturer Francesco Vella
  •  Cooperative governance: legal models and corporate documents – SSD IUS/04 – Lecturer Roberto GENCO
  • Scenary - SECS-P/01- Lecturer Flavio Delbono
Compulsory attendance
70 %
15 cfu
Final Examination
3 cfu

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