Professional Master programme in Human rights, Migration, Development - 8661

Code 8661
Academic Year 2016-2017
Subject area Sociology, Economics, Law
Campus Ravenna
Level First
Director Gustavo Gozzi
Duration Annual
Teaching methods Conventional
Language English, Italian
Cost 3.450,00 Euros
Instalments First Instalment € 2.000,00 - Second Instalment € 1.450,00
Call deadline

Dec 02, 2016 (Expired)

Enrollment start and end From 22/12/2016 to 09/01/2017
Period of activities January 2017 - January 2018
Main Department
CIRSFID (Interdepartmental Centre of History and Philosophy of Law)
Political Science
Professional Profile
The Professional Master's Programme curriculum aims to train professionals in inclusive and internationalised territorial development, particularly development based on the use of immigrants, people from different countries and cultures, as factors for internationalised local development. These professionals may work as experts in public administrations, particularly regional, provincial and municipal authorities (as well as in national administrations dealing with development and migration) helping them to formulate and implement territorial development plans and strategies based on the enhancement of local natural, historical and human resources. The human resources include immigrants, who may be considered one of the intermediaries of the culture and economics of their home countries. The perspective is therefore that of using their potential as a factor fostering the internationalisation of the territory they live in, promoting social cohesion and cultural and scientific growth of both the host territory and that of the immigrant's place of origin.
Number of participants
Min: 11 Max: 25
Admission qualifications
All classes of first, second and single cycle degree pursuant to D.M. 270/04 or first, second or single cycle degrees obtained under previous degree systems (D.M. 509/99 and the older degree systems "Vecchio Ordinamento").
Linguistic skills
Knowledge of the English language is required.
Selection criteria
Assessment of qualifications and motivational interview.
Selection date
Dec 07, 2016
Place of teaching
Campus di Ravenna
Compulsory attendance
Final Examination