PhD in Architecture and Design Cultures

Academic Year 2019-2020
Subject area Engineering Studies
Cycle 35
Coordinator Prof.ssa Annalisa Trentin
Language English, Italian
Duration 3 years
Positions 8 positions. More information in the PhD Programme Table
Application deadline May 15, 2019 at 01:00 PM (Expired)
Enrolment period From Sep 26, 2019 to Oct 07, 2019
Doctoral programme start date Nov 01, 2019
Operating centre
Bologna (Cesena and Ravenna secondary establishments)
Main Department
Department of Architecture - DA
Mobility abroad
Yes (6 months)
Research topics


- Architectural composition

- Theory of architectural design

- Autonomy of architecture

- Space, form and structure in architecture

Planning and urban design

- Sustainability in planning and in urban design

- Relations between planning and environment/landscape protection and valorisation

- Urban regeneration: techniques, tools and experimentations

- Theories of planning and urban design

- Construction Technologies and building performances

- Sustainable building design

- Energy efficient building

- Architectural building renovation

- Project construction management

- Innovation Technologies

- Indoor quality and building performances

- Outdoor quality, climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies

Advanced design

- Design driven product and service innovation

- Advanced design cultures: beyond processes and thinking

- Design thinking social innovation

- Industry 4.0

- Cultural and Creative Industries

- Social Innovation Visions of the futures in material forms: a dynamic relationship between past, present, and future

Cultural Heritage

- Protection, Restoration and Preservation

- Technologies for conservation

- Digital Heritage

- Design for Cultural Heritage in the digital era

- Humanities and Technology for Cultural Heritage

- Cultural Heritage and sustainability

Architectural humanities

- History of architecture

- History of design

- Aesthetics of design and architecture

- Aesthetics of everyday life

- Philosophy and architecture

- Architecture and arts

- Architecture and literature, film, tv

- Urban and visual culture

Job opportunities and potential areas of employment
Job opportunities are directly related to research activities in the field of architecture with particular reference to the areas here described in general terms: Architectural composition; Urban Design; Construction Technologies; Advanced Design; Restoration and Preservation; Humanities and Technology for Cultural Heritage; History of architecture; Aesthetics of design and architecture.
Admission Board

Surname Name Institution Role e-mail
Apollonio Fabrizio Ivan Università di Bologna member
Ferrante Annarita Università di Bologna member
Formia Elena Maria Università di Bologna member
Longo Danila Università di Bologna member
Tondelli Simona Università di Bologna member
Antonini Ernesto Università di Bologna substitute
Celaschi Flaviano Università di Bologna substitute
Fallavollita Federico Università di Bologna substitute
Gulli Riccardo Università di Bologna substitute
Trentin Annalisa Università di Bologna substitute
Learning outcomes
The PhD program in Architecture combines the specificity of the architectural research as architectural composition, urban planning, history, aesthetics, design, restoration, technology and industrial design, combining basic research and applied research in an interdisciplinary perspective. The research will be developed according to subject areas that, given the nature of the doctorate, it is aimed primarily at graduates in architecture and construction ingineering-architecture and graduates who need to develop specific studies in the field of Architecture according to the different disciplinary joints which characterize it, despite coming from other graduating classes. The PhD program in architecture is characterized by the following research areas: Architectural composition; Urban Design; Construction Technologies; Advanced Design; Restoration and Preservation; Humanities and Technology for Cultural Heritage; History of architecture; Aesthetics of design and architecture.
Activities to be carried out by Doctoral candidates
The training of doctoral students will carry out teaching and research, articulated in the three years according to operational phases that include not only research staff and regular meetings with the PhD members aimed at assessing the progress of individual work, but the participation in workshops, courses, seminars and conferences in cycles. The training program of the PhD in Architecture provides that such activities are aimed at: - Offer to all students through participation in seminars and research in the field of UniBo or external institutions, an overall comprehensive training on the topics of doctoral degree; - To promote the deepening of the research topics individual both finalizing the production of the thesis and the elaboration of contributions for publication. For each student the PhD council will identify complementary training activities most appropriate to the theme of the doctoral thesis. The student will also be encouraged to carry out internships or research periods at national bodies, international organizations, European institutions and foreign universities. PhD students are also encouraged to carry out educational activities and seminars, with regard to issues relating to their doctoral thesis, within the University of Bologna, the actions taken by international research networks, or of invitations to conferences offered by other universities and / or research centers in Europe.
Research training activities compliant with the Doctoral programme's learning outcomes
The training activities are divided into basic and specialized activities. Basic tasks: How to deal with the study and treatment of sources; How to write a scientific text (stylistic conventions and editorial); How to write a scientific paper in English (technical language and rhetorical techniques); How to do fund raising (knowledge of the regulatory framework, technical and administrative work involved in seeking funds for scientific research and practice to writing technical reports to contribute to specific calls); Monitoring and research strategy; The rights and duties of the authors; The challenges of digital publishing; The digital publishing and legal nature of copyright Characterizing activities Internal or external to the university courses: Participation at conferences and meetings Laboratories or practical activities aimed in developing the research The acquisition of credits will be agreed annually by the members of the Ph.D course in Architecture. The leaders of research groups, indicated by the College each new cycle of PhD, will provide a list of activities in which the individual doctoral students can carry out training activities. Each group can be directly linked to some research laboratories of the Department of Architecture that will complete the framework of the training of PhD in Architecture. The student, as an integral part of their training program, will be able of tutoring students at the Bachelor and Master Degree as well.
Internationalization features
More then 25% of the teaching board is composed by foreign professors.
Ongoing co-tutoring:
n. 2 École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Parigi
n. 2 RWTH Aachen University
n. 1 Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Facultad des Artes
n. 1 University of Technology di Sidney
n. 1 Fondazione Bruno Kessler Trento.
To meet the needs of internationalization, the Ph.D. in Architecture will benefit of agreements already in place with the University of Bologna and of numerous international relations cultivated by the professors of the Department, by encouraging students to take courses that provide educational and cultural partnership with international doctorates. It will also seek to promote, with the cooperation of foreign students, international research through more wide-ranging outdoor activities in relation with other universities. Since it is desirable that students undertake research pathways that allow the exchange and co-supervision with foreign institutions, in the training program are planned joint activities among multiple doctorates, this collaboration will contribute to raising the conventions and agreements with universities in Europe and beyond. It will be possible, if necessary, provide for the issuing of a degree double, multiple or joint. The goal is to create specific agreements with other universities / research institutes / laboratories abroad to activate programs in co-supervision of theses.
Expected research results and products
The PhD program is an expression of the different disciplines and skills available within the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna and its mission is to develop a critical and theoretical context of the different disciplines of architecture. The goal is to publicize such research through the publication of articles, essays, through participation in national and international conferences in order to enter the new PhD in the relevant scientific community.
Doctoral programme Academic Board
Surname Name University/Institution Qualification
AGNOLETTO MATTEO Università di Bologna Professore Associato
ANTONINI ERNESTO Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
APOLLONIO FABRIZIO IVAN Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
BARTOLOMEI CRISTIANA Università di Bologna Ricercatore
BORSARI ANDREA Università di Bologna Professore Associato
CECCARELLI FRANCESCO Università di Bologna Professore Associato
CELASCHI FLAVIANO Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
FALLAVOLLITA FEDERICO Università di Bologna Professore Associato
FANTINI FILIPPO Università di Bologna Ricercatore
FERRANTE ANNARITA Università di Bologna Professore Associato
FORMIA ELENA MARIA Università di Bologna Professore Associato
GALLEGO ROCA FRANCISCO JAVIER Università di Granada/Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura Professore Ordinario
GIANFRATE VALENTINA Università di Bologna Ricercatore
GULLI RICCARDO Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
HEIN CAROLA TU Delft Professore Ordinario
HOLZER STEFEN M. ETH Professore Associato
KUROCZYNSKI PIOTR Technik Hochschule Mainz Professore Ordinario
LEONI GIOVANNI Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
LESLIE THOMAS Iowa State University Professore Associato
LONGO DANILA Università di Bologna Professore Associato
MALACARNE GINO Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
MOCHI GIOVANNI Università di Bologna Professore Associato
MORAES JR DIJON Universidade do Estado de Minas Gerais (UEMG) Professore Ordinario
PRETELLI MARCO Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
REEH RASMUS HENRIK  University of Copenhagen Professore Associato
SCHRODER UWE RWTH Aachen University Professore Ordinario
SINNI GIANNI Università degli Studi della Repubblica di San Marino Professore Associato
TONDELLI SIMONA Università di Bologna Professore Associato
TOPI CORRADO York University Professore Associato
TRENTIN ANNALISA Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
UGOLINI ANDREA Università di Bologna Professore Associato