PhD in Surgical Sciences

Academic Year 2018-2019
Subject area Medical, Pharmaceutical and Veterinary Medical Sciences
Cycle 34°
Coordinator Prof.ssa Annalisa Patrizi
Language English, Italian
Duration 3 years
Positions 10 positions, of which 9 with scholarship and 1 reserved position
Application deadline May 14, 2018 at 01:00 PM (Expired)
Final ranking list Final ranking list available on Studenti Online
Enrolment period From Jul 13, 2018 to Jul 23, 2018
Doctoral programme start date Nov 01, 2018
Operating centre
Main Department
Department of Experimental, Diagnostic and Specialty Medicine - DIMES
Associated Departments
Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences - DIMEC
Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences - DIBINEM
Mobility abroad
Yes (3 months)
Research topics

- Vascular Diseases
- Medical Surgical Sciences
- Dermatological Sciences
- Reconstructive Problems in Maxillofacial Surgery

Job opportunities and potential areas of employment
The surgical sciences ph.D graduates will be able to apply to Academic positions in the fields of medical surgical sciences, dermatological sciences, to positions in clinical and pharmacological research centers, to positions in the medical devices production.
Admission Board

Surname Name Institution Role e-mail
Campieri Massimo Università   di Bologna member
Corazza Monica Università   di Ferrara member
Marchetti Claudio Università   di Bologna member
Bugiardini Raffaele  Università   di Bologna substitute
Chiesa Roberto  Libera   Università "Vita Salute S.Raffaele" - Milano substitute
Faggioli Gianluca Università   di Bologna substitute
Freyrie Antonio  Università   di Parma substitute
Gargiulo Mauro Università   di Bologna substitute
Melotti Rita Maria  Università   di Bologna substitute
Pasquinelli Gianandrea Università   di Bologna substitute
Patrizi Annalisa Università   di Bologna substitute
Piraccini Bianca Maria Università   di Bologna substitute
Trimarchi Santi  Università   di Milano substitute
Varani Stefania Università   di Bologna substitute
Learning outcomes
The goal of the PhD in Surgical Science is to form a researcher able to independently perform basic researches in the fields of molecular biology, cellular biology and genetic relatively to the Research Topics covered by the Doctorate.
Activities to be carried out by Doctoral candidates
The training program foresee attendance an research activity at the University of Bologna, to be executed in the dermatopathology, pathology and molecular biology labs, in the hemodynamic and ultrasonography clinic, in the wards and in the operating rooms of the Department of Specialistic, Diagnostic and Experimental Medicine, with the aim of actively participate and learn the techniques of cell culture, citopathology and ultrastructural pathology. Moreover, the diagnostic techniques related with the diseases under investigation will be developed. The Ph.D student will have to present and publish the data obtained through his/her research.
Research training activities compliant with the Doctoral programme's learning outcomes
Within the training program, frontal lessons and seminars with the following topics will be held: Laboratory techniques of cellculture Cytopatology and ultrastructural pathology techniques Vascular function evaluation techniques Vascular hemodynamic Advances in cell biology Advances in genetic and Dermatology. Each lesson and seminar will include a practical part to be performed directly by the Ph D student until be able to execute independently that task.
Internationalization features
The phD program foresees the search of international candidates through the appropriate scientific societies. Lessons and seminars will be held by foreign teachers and each Ph D student is historically assigned to an abroad stage.
Expected research results and products
The ph.D program foresees the publication of at least 3 original papers per year in International indexed journals, the active participation with abstract presentation in at least 2 meetings per year and the publication of a chapter in book or monograph or 3 papers present in PUBMED with impact factor at the end of the three years.
Doctoral programme Academic Board
Surname Name university/Institution Qualification
ANDREONE PIETRO Università di Bologna Professore Associato
AZZARONE MATTEO Università di Parma Ricercatore Universitario
BARBARA GIOVANNI Università di Bologna Professore Associato
BUGIARDINI RAFFAELE Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
CAMPIERI MASSIMO Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
CHIESA ROBERTO Roma San Raffaele Professore Ordinario
CORAZZA MONICA Università di Ferrara Professore Associato
DE   DONATO  GIANMARCO Università di Siena Professore Associato
DIKA EMI Università di Bologna Ricercatore a tempo determinato
FAGGIOLI GIANLUCA Università di Bologna Professore Associato
FREYRIE ANTONIO Università di Parma Professore Ordinario
GARGIULO MAURO Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
GELMETTI CARLO MARIO Università di Milano Professore Ordinario
GIONCHETTI PAOLO Università di Bologna Professore Associato
MARCHETTI CLAUDIO Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
MELOTTI RITA MARIA Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
PAGOTTO UBERTO Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
PATRIZI ANNALISA Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
PINNA ANTONIO DANIELE Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
PIRACCINI BIANCA MARIA Università di Bologna Professore Associato
PIRONI LORIS Università di Bologna Professore Associato
POGGIOLI GILBERTO Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
TRIMARCHI SANTI Università di Milano Professore Associato
VARANI STEFANIA Università di Bologna Ricercatore confermato