PhD in Physics

Academic Year 2018-2019
Subject area Mathematical Physical, Chemical and Astronomical Sciences
Cycle 34°
Coordinator Prof. Michele Cicoli
Language English, Italian
Duration 3 years
Positions 11 positions, of which 10 with scholarship and 1 with research fellowship
Application deadline May 14, 2018 at 01:00 PM (Expired)
Final ranking list Final ranking list available on Studenti Online
Enrolment period From Aug 24, 2018 to Sep 03, 2018
Doctoral programme start date Nov 01, 2018
Operating centre
Main Department
Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi" - DIFA
Doctoral Programme in collaboration with research institutions (art. 2, comma 2, lett. a) del D.M. n. 45/2013)
Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN)
Mobility abroad
Yes (6 mouth)
Research topics

- Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics
- Theoretical Physics and Foundations of Physics
- Condensed Matter Physics
- Applied Physics

Job opportunities and potential areas of employment
Research activities at universities, research centres and industries, both foreign and domestic. Teaching activities at universities and secondary schools. Employment in the public and private sectors that require an high scientific expertise. Employment in Data Science and Big Data companies.
Admission Board

Surname Name Institution Role e-mail
Braibant Sylvie Università   di Bologna member
Castellani Gastone Università   di Bologna member
Chiarusi Tommaso INFN member
Fraboni Beatrice Università   di Bologna member
Ravanini Francesco Università   di Bologna member
Vagnoni Vincenzo INFN member
Boscherini Federico Università   di Bologna substitute
Bruni Alessia INFN substitute
Morigi Maria Pia Università   di Bologna substitute
Scioli Gilda Università   di Bologna substitute
Sirri Gabriele INFN substitute
Soares   Verissimo Gil Pedro Francisco Manuel Università   di Bologna substitute
Learning outcomes
PhD in physics has the purpose of completing the scientific training in the field of Physics for the various fields actively present in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, in the Bologna Section of INFN and CNAF-INFN. In particular the PhD program aims to train researchers able to perform independent activities in the following sectors: Theoretical physics and foundations of physics, Condensed matter physics, Nuclear and subnuclear physics, Applied physics. In the theoretical field, students should be able to build and study mathematical models to describe physical phenomena. In the experimental field they must be able to conduct physics experiments in the laboratories and critically analyze the results. In general the PhD students are trained to use the scientific method and achieve the ability to apply it in different contexts, making them eligible to take leadership positions in high-level organizations.
Activities to be carried out by Doctoral candidates
Basic and fundamental research (theoretical and experimental), applied research (with physical applications, medical, technological, computer, etc.). A great part of the research consists in laboratory activity, participation in measurement campaigns, the use of networks, databases, software for analyzing data and models.
Research training activities compliant with the Doctoral programme's learning outcomes
Students must follow specialized courses for the doctorate, or taken from master’s degrees for a total of 160 hours of lessons in the first two years of the course. Students also follow specialized seminars and national and international schools. Students are part of research groups at universities and research centers where they carry out their activities of preparation of the thesis.
Internationalization features
PhD students holding a scholarship are obliged to spend a period of research and training of at least six months in foreign universities or research centres. They also participate in research projects of international importance, follow courses in English, and participate in international conferences and schools. There are active agreements with foreign universities to obtain common PhD degrees expect students to follow the lectures at associated universities abroad. The doctoral thesis are commonly written in English and are available to the international scientific community.
Expected research results and products
Dissertations written in English, communications at national and international conferences, publication of research results in international journals with referee and Impact Factor (at least one publication within three years following the conclusion of the doctorate).
Doctoral programme Academic Board
Surname Name University/Institution Qualification
ARCELLI SILVIA Università di Bologna Professore Associato
BOSCHERINI FEDERICO Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
CASADIO ROBERTO Università di Bologna Professore Associato
CASTRO ANDREA Università di Bologna Professore Associato
CICOLI MICHELE Università di Bologna Ricercatore a tempo determinato
CRAMER TOBIAS Università di Bologna Ricercatore a tempo determinato
ERCOLESSI ELISA Università di Bologna Professore Associato
FRABONI BEATRICE Università di Bologna Professore Associato
GABRIELLI ALESSANDRO Università di Bologna Ricercatore confermato
GALLI DOMENICO Università di Bologna Professore Associato
KAMENCHTCHIK ALEXANDR Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
LANCONELLI NICO Università di Bologna Professore Associato
REMONDINI DANIEL Università di Bologna Professore Associato
SEMPRINI   CESARI NICOLA Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario
SIOLI MAXIMILIANO Università di Bologna Professore Associato
VILLA MAURO Università di Bologna Professore Ordinario