PhD in Jewish Studies

Academic Year 2017-2018
Subject area Humanistic Studies
Coordinator Prof. Mauro Perani
Language Italian
Duration 3 years
Positions and scholarships 5 positions, of wich 4 with scholarship
Application deadline May 29, 2017 at 01:00 PM (Expired)
Final ranking list Final ranking list available on Studenti Online
Enrollment period From Jul 25, 2017 to Aug 04, 2017
Doctoral programme start date Nov 01, 2017
Main Department
Department of Cultural Heritage - DBC
Mobility abroad
Yes (6 months)
Curricula and Research topics

- Jewish history and culture from Biblical times to the present
- Archaeological testimonies concerning Jewish presence in Israel and in the Italian diaspora
- Jewish epigraphy from antiquity to the modern age, in particular in the Italian area
- Hebrew palaeography, palaeo-Hebrew scripture, square script, epigraphical and papyrological evidence, masoretical codices, medieval script varieties, especially in Italy
- Hebrew manuscripts and books, codicology and palaeography. Italy's role in the production and dissemination of Hebrew manuscripts and early Hebrew books
- Linguistics and history of the Hebrew language from the origins to the present
- History of Jewish thought, ideology and theology of pre-exilic Judaism, of the Second Tempie period, of the rabbinical age, of the late Middle Ages, to the modern and contemporary period
- Jewish mysticism and esotericism, qabbalah from its origins in XII century in Provence and Catalonia to the modern period. The role of Italy in the dissemination of qabbalah in Europe
- Social and economic history of the Jews in antiquity and the original characters of the Jewish presence in the Italian peninsula
- Jewish art: mosaics, catacombs and their paintings, micrography, miniatures, ritual objects up to modern and contemporary Jewish art
- Hebrew literature: biblical age, rabbinical literature, poetry and prophane literature, medieval and modern. Hebrew modern and Israeli literature
- Jewish-Christian relationships: dialogue after two thousand years of persecution. The role of papacy and Italy
- History of anti-semitism. The Shoah period. Philosophy and theology of the Shoah: the Jews after Auschwitz between memory and negationism. Jewish philosophy: ancient, medieval and modern.

Job opportunities and potential areas of employment
Research and teaching. Management of cultura heritage.
Admission Board

Saverio Campanini Università di Bologna Dip. Beni Culturali Docente di I fascia
Judith Olszowy Schlanger École Pratique des Hautes Études - Paris Section des Sciences Historiques et Philologiques Professore di Università straniera
Mauro Perani Università di Bologna Dip. Beni Culturali Docente di I fascia
 Miryam Silvera Fondazione per le Scienze religiose “Giovanni XXIII” – (Fscire) Rappresentante di Ente finanziatore
Giancarlo Lacerenza Università degli Studi di Napoli "L'Orientale" Dip. Asia Africa e Mediterraneo Docente di II fascia
Corrado  Martone Università degli Studi di Torino Dip. Studi Umanistici Docente di II fascia
Alessandra Maria Veronese Università di Pisa Dip. Civiltà e Forme del Sapere Ricercatore
Learning outcomes
Linguistic skills: excellent skills in the major languages which are relevant for Jewish studies, especially Hebrew and Aramaic. Fostering the ability of organizing and finalizing the chosen research project extended to cognate fields. Ability to present orally and in writing objectives, methods and results of the chosen research project.
Activities to be carried out by Doctoral candidates
Research in libraries and with the aid of information technologies, research trips and campaigns, international networking. Participation to conferences, congresses and workshops. Participation to courses and seminars on campus and at cooperating academic institutions abroad. Redaction of the PhD thesis.
Research training activities compliant with the Doctoral programme's learning outcomes
With the tuition of the supervisors, the candidates will have the opportunity to experiment new approaches to their subject. The teaching board plans the organization of seminars and conferences specifically directed to the candidates in order to test and enhance their attitude to reasearch. The participation to congresses and workshops in Italy and abroad is encouraged and supported by the supervisors and by the teaching board.
Internationalization features
Jewish Studies are by nature a strongly internationalizad research field. The teaching board of this PhD programme is composed largely of professors and researchers of foreign universitites, although some of them of Italian origins. The skills, required and to be acquired suring the PhD and the location of numerous sources and research facilities in libraries and research institutions locates abroad renders an openness to international research experience absolutely indispensable. The partnership with the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes in Paris (Sorbonne) and the firmly established cooperation between the coordinator and the members of the teaching board are a significant factor of the international scope of the learning and researching paths offered by the PhD programme.
Expected research results and products
PhD Thesis. Participation to congresses and workshops. Publication of articles on scientific journals and collective volumes.
Doctoral programme Academic Board
Surname Name University/Institution Qualification
BACCHELLI FRANCO Università di Bologna Professore associato
BOCCACCINI GABRIELE University of Michigan Professore di università straniera
BORI CATERINA Università di Bologna Professore associato
BUSI GIULIO Freie Universität Berlin Professore di università straniera
CAMPANINI SAVERIO Università di Bologna Professore ordinario
DAINESE DAVIDE Università di Bologna Ricercatore
GIANTO AGUSTINUS Pontificio Istituto   Biblico Professore ordinario
LACERENZA GIANCARLO Università   "L'Orientale" di NAPOLI Professore associato
MANDALA' GIUSEPPE Consejo Superior de   Investigaciones Científicas - CSIC Ricercatore Ente
MARTONE CORRADO Università di Torino Professore associato
OLSZOWY   SCHLANGER JUDITH École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE) Professore ordinario
PERANI MAURO Università di Bologna Professore ordinario
SABBA FIAMMETTA Università di Bologna Professore associato
SALOMONI ANTONELLA Università della Calabria Professore ordinario
SECCI RAIMONDO Università di Bologna Ricercatore
SOFIA FRANCESCA Università di Bologna Professore ordinario