Types of recognition of foreign qualifications

How to get recognition in Italy for a degree earned abroad.

Different procedures for different purposes

If you have earned a degree abroad and wish to have it recognised in Italy, you must apply to different administrations depending on the purpose for which you are seeking recognition.

This table sums up the various types of recognition (academic, non-academic, professional):

Academic recognition Enrol in a degree programme or continuing studies Universities and AFAM institutions

Apply for a shortened degree programme/recognition of study periods or credits
Obtain the corresponding Italian qualification (full recognition)
Get full recognition for a PhD programme degree
Non-academic recognition Enter open competitions and obtain a score

Dipartimento della Funzione Pubblica - Servizio per le assunzioni e la mobilità (UOLP)


Get recognition for social security purposes MUR by sending an application to the relevant administration
Register with job centres
Undertake an apprenticeship or internship after earning a qualification
Apply for scholarships and other benefits Relevant administration, subject to approval by MUR
Obtain an assessment of EU qualifications and certifications
Professional recognition Practise a regulated profession, e.g. chemist, doctor, nurse, psychologist, engineer, architect, etc. Competent Ministry, e.g. HealthJusticeMUR, etc.
Enter the job market for unregulated professions. Employer

More detailed information is available on the CIMEA website.

Academic recognition

In the following cases, you can therefore apply to an Italian university to have your periods of study abroad and foreign qualifications recognised: