Tuition fees A.Y. 2017/18

Amounts and deadlines for the A.Y. 2017/18 for students who enrol on a degree programme at the University of Bologna in the first year or subsequent years.

For all those who submitted the relevant application by 15 December 2017, tuition fees for this academic year have been calculated based on the student’s economic situation and merit requirements.

If you did not submit an application, you will have to pay the maximum contribution amount for your degree programme.

Deadlines for payments

Deadlines for the A.Y. 2017/2018:

  • first instalment: 28 September 2017 (or the deadline set in the call for applications)
  • second instalment: 22 February 2018
  • third instalment: 31 May 2018

If you applied for an ER.GO scholarship and did not obtain exemption you will have to pay the amount based on your ISEE and your merit, as shown by the simulator.

Delayed payments

If you do not pay your fees, even for one instalment or one expired payment, your career will be temporarily blocked and you cannot sit any exams until you have paid all outstanding amounts.

For late fee payments, a fine will automatically be added in your student career during the month of charging of fees of the next Academic Year (approximately July), in the following amounts:

  • € 30 within 15 days from the deadline
  • € 60 from the 16th to the 30th day
  • € 90 from the 31th to the 60th day
  • € 120 from the 61st day onwards