Transferring to another Italian university

Information, deadlines and methods for transferring to another Italian university.

Methods of transfer

To transfer to another Italian university, follow the instructions given below.

a. Find out from the university you are interested in about the methods of enrollment to the study programme you have chosen. In particular, find out about:

  • terms for the presentation of the transfer application;
  • access requirements, any entrance exams or selection methods;
  • deadline for receipt of your academic career history by the other university.

b. Access Studenti Online and use the  online procedure to complete the application and produce the fee payment code for transfer from another university (€316 stamp duty included; or €96 stamp duty included if you have registered during this academic year, 2020/21, and you are transferring to a programme with restricted access). NB: Check now that all your exams have been correctly recorded; contact the professor if you have any doubts or note any errors.

Warning: You should not pay the 1st instalment for the A.Y. 2020/21. If you pay, in the case of transfer to a University in Emilia Romagna, the regional tax does not have to be paid again. In all other cases, for the refund, please consult the procedure explained in Er.GO website.

c. Pay departure transfer fee to another university, as soon as you receive the code:

  • at any branch of UniCredit Banca presenting a copy of your code.
  • you may also pay online by credit card even if it is not issued to your name, on Studenti Online.

d. Print and sign the transfer application form.

e.Deliver by hand or send by post to the Student Registry Office of your Degree Programme:

  • the transfer application form with signature;
  • (only if you enrolled prior to AY 2010/11) your university record book;
  • receipt of payment of the departure transfer fee to another university;
  • (only if you send by post) copy of a valid identity document.

Warning: to transfer, you must have paid all the tuition fees regularly up to A.Y. 2019/20.

If you are a non-EU student resident abroad, enrolled to the first year and included in the AY 2020/21 quota, you are not allowed to transfer; you may do so only from the second year of the programme.

Warning: if you are interested in the benefits of the right to higher education, consult the relative call published by the Regional Board for the Right to Higher Studies (ER.GO) for the university you wish to apply to. In particular, before transferring, remember that, for the purposes of being granted any subsidies, your career will be assessed from the year you first enrolled at university; this is independent of any recognitions obtained or the programme year assigned to you by the Degree Programme Board. Following your transfer, this could lead to the loss of any assigned benefits.
If you have any doubts, contact the new Student Administration office in advance.

Deadline for the presentation of the transfer application

To transfer to another University, you can apply from 23 July to 23 December 2020.

If your new programme has restricted access, and only for those who fill places left free by withdrawing candidates, it may be possible to postpone these deadlines.

Recognition of acquired credits

The Italian university you have chosen to transfer to is exclusively competent for the recognition of any previously acquired credits. You should therefore contact the offices of your now University.