The CISIA TOLC Online Test: general information

The CISIA Online Test (TOLC) is required to apply to many restricted-access degree programmes and is also used by some open-access degree programmes to assess basic knowledge in order to assign Additional Learning Requirements if need be.

In response to the current health emergency CISIA will provide TOLC@CASA home tests to allow students to take TOLCs without leaving their homes.

TOLC@CASA tests are provided to individual students through the CISIA platform using tools and technology that allow to create secure and controlled virtual classrooms in which candidates can be reliably identified and carry out their tests autonomously. Virtual classrooms are created and managed by universities in collaboration with CISIA. Information and instructions on the equipment required to take TOLC@CASA tests can be found on the CISIA website.

IMPORTANT: TOLCs are not used by single-cycle degree programmes in Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Architecture, and Veterinary Medicine that have national calls for applications issued by MIUR.

What is the TOLC?

The CISIA Online Test (TOLC) is an orientation tool used to assess your initial abilities. 

This individual test, different for each participant, comprises questions that are selected automatically, at random, from the CISIA TOLC database by software developed and administered by CISIA - Consorzio Interuniversitario Sistemi Integrati per l'Accesso (Consortium of Inter-University Integrated Access Systems).

For the degree programmes of the University of Bologna can be requested one of the following TOLC that differ in terms of the number, nature and time available:

  • TOLC-I: 50 questions (20 on mathematics,10 on logic, 10 on science, 10 on verbal comprehension) with a duration of 1 hour 50 minutes; 
  • TOLC-E: 36 questions (13 on logic, 10 on the comprehension of text, 13 on mathematics) with a duration of 1 hour 30 minutes; 
  • TOLC-F: 50 questions (15 on biology, 15 on chemistry, 7 on mathematics, 7 on physics, 6 on logic) with a duration of 1 hour 12 minutes;
  • TOLC-SU: 50 questions (30 on reading comprehension and knowledge of Italian, 10 on knowledge acquired through secondary education, and 10 on logical reasoning) with a duration of 1 hour 40 minutes.

TOLC-I, TOLC-E and TOLC-F in English may also be requested.

Each test is followed by additional section on English, comprising 30 questions (duration: 15 minutes).  

See the call for applications for your chosen degree programme for information about the importance of the English section.

Register to sit the TOLC

You must register for the TOLC online via the CISIA website and pay a fee of €30.

Reminded that:

  • To take a TOLC you need to register in advance for the test selected from the CISIA calendar
  • The TOLC can be taken in all universities that provide them
  • For the 2021/22 a.y. selection process, TOLC tests taken from 1 January 2020. All TOLCs, whether taken in person or remotely, are valid to access degree programmes.

What to do after sitting the TOLC

You can find information about how to participate in the selections and enrol on the website of your chosen degree programme. Remember to read carefully the call for applications, or the information provided about your chosen degree programme, and check the deadlines for registering for selections and for enrolment.

Please note only the score from the last TOLC taken by the deadline set in the call will be considered valid.

The calls for applications for restricted access degree programmes specify the minimum score required in order to register for selection, and that below which you can still enrol, if allocated a place, but with Additional Learning Requirements.

The selection procedures do not foresee further tests or exams and the ranked list of successful candidates is based on the TOLC scores, as weighted in accordance with the criteria specified in the call for applications.

As for open-access degree programmes, after taking the TOLC you can enrol in the degree programme of your choice. If your TOLC score is lower than the minimum requirement you will be assigned Additional Learning Requirements.

Information for students with special needs or learning disabilities

If you are a student with special needs or learning disabilities, and want to request adaptations to be made for the TOLC test, you must select this option when registering to the TOLC section of the CISIA portal.