Final examination and Guarantee of originality

Published Final examination
To graduate from a First Cycle, Single Cycle or Second Cycle Degree Programme, you must pass a final examination to verify that you have achieved the learning objectives of your study programme.
Published Degree Average
Information on how to calculate the average score, on the basis of the degree programme system.
Published Extension of the exam session and final examination deadline to 15 June 2023
The exam session and final examination deadline for the 2021/22 a.y. has been extended to 15 June 2023 (RD of 07/03/2023, Rep No. 316/2023, Prot No. 62200).
Published Photographs and videos during graduation sessions
Information about photographs and video recordings during graduation sessions (degree programmes and PhDs).
Published Guarantee of originality
This service is provided by the University of Bologna and is used to verify the originality of the documents produced for the final examination, supporting the verification activities which are normally carried out by the supervising professor with the Turnitin computer programme.