69298 - German Language and Culture I (Second Language)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2021/2022

Learning outcomes

The student knows the basic elements of the German language and culture - is able to understand and produce written texts and oral speeches

Course contents

The course enhances the student's language skills needed to achieve a good level of proficiency in written and oral comprehension. Classroom work includes both written and oral exercises and aims to prepare for the mediation classes.


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Sansoni Wörterbücher, Sansoni Editore Firenze, 2004.

Teaching methods

Lectures, exercises, group work.

The didactic and learning process is dynamic and requires the active participation by the student.

This course will be supported by separate language training sessions (lettorato), aimed at supporting and consolidating writing and speaking skills. Students shall attend at least 70% of course lessons and training sessions.

Assessment methods

Written and oral exam.

The mark for this module will be based on both exams which together will make up 50% of the final mark for the course.

The evaluation criteria are:

- knowledge, organization and reworking of the contents;
- morphosynthetic correctness;
- lexical properties and variety;
- communicative effectiveness;
- clarity and correctness of pronunciation.

Teaching tools

PC, video projector, different kinds of web resources, multimedia materials, Virtuale e-learning platform.

Office hours

See the website of Monika Hengge