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Academic Year 2020/2021

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module, students will be able to understand and discuss crucial topics and methods in the field of macroeconomics, such as for instance the general macroeconomic equilibrium in open and closed economies.

Course contents

Market of Goods and Services (GDP composition, Demand of Goods and Services, Equilibrium in the market)

Financial Markets (Demand and Supply of Money, Interest Rate of Equilibrium)

Interaction between the two markets: the IS-LM model (Definition of both the IS and LM curves, simultaneous equilibrium in both markets)

Labor Market (Unemployment and equilibrium wages)

Phillips curve (Inflation, expected inflation)

Long Run Growth (Physical and Human Capital, Institutions and Culture)

IS-LM in an Open Economy (Financial and Goods Markets in an open Economy, fixed and flexible exchange rates)


O. Blanchard, A. Amighini, F. Giavazzi, Macroeconomia: una prospettiva europea, Il Mulino (2016)

Teaching methods

Lectures and tutorials

Assessment methods

Written exam.

See Italian version for further rules.

Teaching tools

Lecture slides

Office hours

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