79037 - Economics and Evaluation of Financial and Insurance Companies

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Academic Year 2020/2021

Learning outcomes

The course introduces the analysis of insurance companies, starting with the study of the company systems and their management circuits.

The operations, processes and circuits typical of financial and insurance companies are analysed, arriving at the representation of the financial statements of the insurance company and the main indices for its reading and understanding.

Course contents

The course introduces the students to insurance companies, starting with te analysis of business and operational circuits
Duuring the course students will analyse operations, typical processes and circuits of financial and insurance companies, income statemens and blance sheet format, and key ratios


C.Porzio et al.; Economia delle imprese assicurative, McGrawHill, Milano, 2011
Additional references will be provided by the teacher

Teaching methods

Lectures and exercises

Assessment methods

Preliminary written texts and oral interview

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Lectures and exercises

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