87616 - FINTECH

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Academic Year 2019/2020

Learning outcomes

The course discusses some relevant research themes related to blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies and novel applications that can be built over the blockchain.

Course contents

Bitcoin and novel cryptocurrencies gathered momentum in the last months. More and more investors look with interest at these technologies, while others label them as a dangerous speculative bubble. The truth is that the blockchain, and the alternative implementations of a distributed ledger, represent very interesting technologies, that can be exploited to build novel distributed applications. The underlying building blocks are related to many concepts and research areas of computer science in general. This course will illustrate the main principles and conceptual foundations of the blockchain and the Bitcoin network.

  • Introduction to Crypto and Cryptocurrencies

  • The blockchain: how to achieve decentralization

  • Transactions and transaction scripting languages

  • Mining

  • Attacks to the blockchain

  • Anonymity

  • Smart contracts


Lecture notes and slides will be provided by the instructor, along with papers and a list of bibliographical references and additional material. All the course material is in English.

Teaching methods

Interactive lessons

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Unibo e-learning platform

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