03110 - Health Organisation (CE)

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Academic Year 2019/2020

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Health Organisation (CE) Academic Year 2015/2016Learning outcomes At the end of the course the student has knowledge of the organizational context in which the physiotherapist works. He knows the most significant aspects of the main laws and regulations governing the Italian health care system and the figure of the physiotherapist. He knows the main concepts of the sociology of work according to the different theoretical approaches: the division of labor, employment, profession and expertise. He knows the impact of organizational change on the skills of the health care and the historical evolution of the health professions. Program / Content Implementation process of the profile and the rules governing the exercise of the profession of physiotherapist (deontological code, professional register) Evolution of the national health system and public and private control needs Analysis of regulations concerning the corporatization -the national health plan -the regional health plan -guidelines -indicators of quality in rehabilitation The systems of health financing and cost standards The control systems of health care spending Systems of planning and control as operating mechanisms The characteristics of the systems of budget: (structure of responsibilities, decision-making, the board budget: the role and operational structure) The contents of responsibilities (clinical, professional, organizational) Elements of organizational analysis (systemic, multifactorial, multidimensional) The university reform Office hours

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ufficio giuridico AITR "Gli aspetti normativi della professione" ed. Riabilitalia

Cantisani, Galasso, Lamberti "Professione Fisioterapista" ed. Riabilitalia, UTET

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