34514 - Systematics of Motor Activities for Physical Efficiency and Health

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Course contents


Mode, trend of clubs and gyms

Trend of activities in the fitness world:
Aerobic activities
Strength activity
Medical fitness
Wearable devices

Fitness center management:
Reception management
Organization of spaces

Management of a swimming pool:
Sports facility, multidisciplinary recreational partner
The integrated swimming facility

Programming and provision of services:
Customer acquisition and retention
Project financing operations

Communication objectives and programming

Fitness center events



Intervention policies

Activities in the parks

Sport tourism and sport turism

Promotion, advertising of an event or activity in the gyms: Development and management website

Social media


Teaching methods

Lectures and practical group exercises. Seminars with external teachers.

Assessment methods

The final test of the course includes an oral interview to assess the learning of the various aspects of the subject and evaluate the critical capacity of students. Three questions related to the topics of the program will be asked to the student. Others specific questions can be asked for evaluating the student's preparation.

Teaching tools

Teaching will take place through lectures, with the help of power point presentations (which will be made available to students).

Office hours

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