Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

General Anaesthesia, Locoregional Anaesthesia, Resuscitation. First aid.

Course contents


-Pre operative valuation (visit, risk, premedication)

- Anaesthetics

- General and Local anaesthesia

ICU/first aid:

- Shock

- Acute Respiratory failure

- Brain death and procurement

- Territorial emergency

- Basic life support


Slides, bibliographic references.

Teaching methods

Lectures, audio-video support.

Assessment methods

The final exam consist in a 45 questions multiple choice test, 9 question for each subject of the CI (anesthesia/intensive care, pain therapy, orofacial surgery, acute care surgery, emergency medicine).

It will be assigned 0,675 point for each correct answer. 0 point in case of wrong/missed answer.

100% correct answers correspond to a score of 30L.

The pass mark is 5 correct answers for each single discipline.

Office hours

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