37223 - Internal Medicine I (LZ-C)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The student will learn the principles of physiopathology, which is the basis for correct evaluation of a patient.

In fact patient History and objective examination are the most important factors for a correct diagnosis and clinical approach

Course contents

- Approach to the patient and medical history collection

- Semeiotics and physiopathology of the abdomen

- General objective examination

- Semeiotics and physiopathology of the torax

- Semeiotics and physiopathology of the heart and vessels


Teaching methods

Traditional lessons with slides and presentaion of interactive clinical cases to learn the best method of patient's clinical approach underlying the importance of the correct collection of patient's history and of the physical examination


Assessment methods

Students will be evaluated during oral examination on the topics covered during lessons

Teaching tools

Lessons will be done using slides that will be available for students.

Office hours

See the website of Paolo Gionchetti