00701 - Forensic Medicine (AK-A)

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Classification and evaluation of the main crimes against the person and ability to understand the causation. Duties of health pratictioners about information and confidentiality. Evaluaition of health professional liability. Classification of death, death causation and modalities of death. Evaluation of the worker's rights in social insurance field. Evaluation of evidences in forensic genetics, psycopathology and toxicology for criminal trial.

Course contents

Individual's damage. Causality. Crimes against life and against individual safe, sexual crimes. Abortion. Traumatology. Thanatology. Crime scene investigation. Health reports and certificate. Social insurance. Professional confidentiality. Reports to the Courts. Informed consent. professional liability.


Cicognani Fallani Pelotti . Medicina Legale (aggiornato). Esculapio editore

Teaching methods


Assessment methods

multiple choice questions

Teaching tools

slides, video

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