55012 - Environmental Legislation

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student knows the most important environmental's legal rules, at international, European and national level.

Course contents

1. The sources in environmental law.

2. The principles of environmental law at national, European and international level.

3. The most important european directives in environmental law.

4. The c.d. "Italian Environmental Code": d.lgs. 3 aprile 2006, n. 152.

5. The law of wastes (industrial and household).

6. The most important conventions on the protection of sea. The general convention of the United Nations on the law of sea.

7. The legal rules on air and water pollution.

8. The "green house" gas emissions; in particular the Kyoto's Protocol and its implementation at European level and national level.

9. The IPPC directive and its implementation in Italy.

10. The protection of the biodiversity at european and internal level.

11. The voluntary rules in environmental law: the European regulations on "EMAS" and "Ecolabel"; the ISO legal international standards.


1. The most important european directives on the protection of sea: in particular the directive WFD (2000/60/CE) and MSFD (2008/56/CE).

2. The bathing sea water european legal system and the "blue flags".

3. The law n. 979 del 1982 on the protection of italian sea. The MPA italian system.

4. The most important legal rules on fisheries at european (PCP) and italian level.


T. SCOVAZZI, Elementi di diritto interazionale del mare, Giuffre', Milano, l.e.

P.DELL'ANNO, Diritto dell'ambiente, CEDAM, Padova, l.e.

A.POSTIGLIONE, S.MAGLIA, Diritto e gestione dell'ambiente, IRNERIO, l.e.

Teaching methods

Active lectures

Assessment methods

Oral exam.

Teaching tools

Case method with environmental sentences.

Office hours

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