Cotutelle agreement for PhD candidates enrolled at a foreign University

An opportunity for PhD candidates enrolled at a foreign University.

A cotutelle is a binational collaboration established by means of bilateral agreements, legally binding, signed by two universities, located in two different Countries, for a specific a PhD candidate. It is aimed at the awarding of the double PhD degree, once the terms of the executed cotutelle agreement are completed and the doctoral dissertation is defended successfully.

Applicants' requirements:

- Enrolment in the 1st / beginning of the 2nd academic year at the Home University;

- Master's Degree;

- Min 1-year funding;

- Min one-third (1/3) of the total doctoral research must be spent at the Host University.

Applicants are recommended to discuss plans with supervisors at the Home institution and at the Host institution first, and put them in touch.

They are then required to submit the relevant form [.pdf 103 KB], together with the required annexes, to DIRI, which is in charge of the negotiation of the agreement, prior approval by the PhD Academic Board.

Main features for a cotutelle

  • Joint programme/Co-supervision: the PhD candidate’s training and research activities are supervised by two academics, appointed by the Home University (namely, where the PhD candidate firstly enrolled) and by the Host University.
  • Research plan: the time spent on doctoral studies at each university is to be balanced as equally as possible; the mobility schedule is jointly planned by the two supervisors.
  • PhD thesis defence: the PhD candidate will generally take one and only PhD thesis defence (usually at the Home University); the composition of the examination committee is equally balanced.
  • Double PhD degree: both universities will award one PhD degree, with a reference to the respective partner university, on the degree certificate.




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