Academic Year 2023/2024

  • Docente: Carlo Berti
  • Credits: 7
  • SSD: IUS/01
  • Language: Italian
  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
  • Campus: Ravenna
  • Corso: Single cycle degree programme (LMCU) in Law (cod. 9233)

Learning outcomes

The course aims to deepen the profiles and problems related to the field of civil liability, with particular regard to business communication (advertising, editorial, journalistic), with an attention to the needs of protection of the user and / or the recipient of this activity (consumer, competitor, "third party" affected), with a view to protecting the expectations of transparency, fair competition and safety. In this perspective, will be surveyed the criteria - subjective and objective - of imputation of civil liability, as well as civil instruments of protection provided by our system, in the case of damaging news.

Course contents

The course intends to study both the profiles of civil responsibility connected to the activity of information (advertising, journalism...), and the relative methods of diffusion, favouring both an approach that enhances the concrete "case" and the attitude assumed by the jurisprudence and by the Authorities (public and/or private) dedicated to the control of "correctness" in "communicating", and the analysis of the system of remedies (compensation and/or inhibition).


- AA.VV, Commentario al Codice di Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria, written by U. Ruffolo, edited by Giuffré;

- Berti, Lezioni di diritto dei mass media, Esculapio, 2010, (pp.1-73).

Teaching methods

Classes will be taught in a face-to-face mode.

However, considering the ongoing health emergency related to the spread of Covid-19, the lessons may be held in a "mixed" or "remote" modality, in accordance with the instructions given by the Government and the University.

Assessment methods

The examination will focus, for those who attend, on an in-depth study shared with the teacher (written paper), for those who do not attend, on the topics contained in the textbooks, except in the case of a different program has been agreed with the teacher.

Teaching tools

In addition to the texts indicated, during the lessons will be distributed or indicated any appropriate material to support the deepening of the subject.

Office hours

See the website of Carlo Berti