95398 - English Language and Linguistic Exercises 1 - C

Academic Year 2023/2024

  • Teaching Mode: Traditional lectures
  • Campus: Bologna
  • Corso: First cycle degree programme (L) in Languages, Markets and Cultures of Asia and Mediterranean Africa (cod. 9264)

    Also valid for First cycle degree programme (L) in Foreign Languages and Literature (cod. 0979)

Learning outcomes

Sviluppo delle competenze linguistiche del Quadro Comune Europeo delle Lingue a un livello B1-B2.

Development of language skills based on the Common European Framework for Languages, level B1-B2.

Course contents

Practical exercises (= Esercitazioni) in English with native English speaking teachers. At the beginning of the academic year, a Placement Test (OOPT) is held to form groups, based on the students' skills, from intermediate to advanced. In order to study English, it is obligatory to take the Placement Test on the dates set by the Department at the beginning of each academic year, and to obtain a score of at least 55.

Students who have obtained one of the following certificates within the past 2 years are not obliged to take the Placement Test:

1) Cambridge ESOL: PET with Merit or with Distinction
2) IELTS: 5
3) TOEFL iBT: 65
4) TRINITY (solo ISE, o Integrated Skills Exam): ISE (II)

The same certificates are accepted if obtained with a higher score. The FCE (the only grades accepted are A, B or C), CAE and CPE are also accepted.

Please send a PDF/ JPEG copy of your certificate to sabrina.fusari2@unibo.it or to antonella.luporini@unibo.it, with the subject line "Certificate".

The deadline for submitting your certificate is 31 October 2023. Certificates cannot be accepted after the deadline.


Course book (all groups): Latham-Koenig et al. English File Advanced 4th edition, published by Oxford University Press.

Additional material will be made available on-line and in local photocopy shops.

Teaching methods

Language classes (= Esercitazioni) with mother tongue English teachers throughout the academic year. Students will be divided into groups from the placement test, and will be trained in all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students are divided into groups depending on the results of the OOPT.

Assessment methods

(1) A language written, based on the contents of the language classes held by native English speaking teachers. This tests the students' capacity to analyze, understand and use the English language at level B2 of the Common European Framework for Languages. This exam component is divided into separate sections on (a) Use of English (40 minutes), (b) Reading (30 minutes) and (c) Writing (60 minutes). The final mark is the mean of the scores obtained in the three sections. Passing the Use of English exam paper is an essential condition to pass the language exam. The text types used for this component of the exam are general interest texts (e.g. newspaper articles, reviews, interviews).

(2) A SAT (Speaking Ability Test), which tests the students' listening and speaking skills, and their capacity to communicate spontaneously, understand and make themselves understood in English, with a good command of grammar and a fairly wide vocabulary, on a variety of general, non specialized topics. This component of the exam lasts 8-10 minutes.

Regardless of which semester the theoretical (Functional Grammar) lectures are held in, students may take the practical (Esercitazioni) component of the exam only at the end of the academic year (May 2024), because the corresponding course lasts for the whole academic year.

Teaching tools

See also Prof. Fusari's programme for this course, which involves a linguistic part, taught by Professor Fusari about Systemic Functional Grammar.

Office hours

See the website of Sabrina Fusari