74587 - Laboratory of Electric Drives T

Academic Year 2022/2023

Course contents

  • Introduction to Matlab/Simulink modelling of power electronic componnets and circuits
  • Basic modelling of a one quadrant DC/DC converter controlled by PWM
  • Implementation of complete models of one, two and four quadrant DC/DC converter operating in open loop with PWM control
  • Dual level and three level modulation strategies. PWM implementation and performance comparison
  • Current control loop for DC/DC converter regulating current on a RL load. Hysteretic regulator
  • Closed loop current control based on PI regulator. Tuning procedure of PI regulator using root locus analysis
  • Modelling of the DC machine. Electrical and mechanical characteristics. Operation as motor and generator
  • Coupling of the DC machine with typical mechanical loads+E16
  • Torque control of a the DC drive taking into account current limitation
  • Implementation of a speed regulator with closed loop control. Tuning of the speed PI regulator using root locus analysis.
  • Detailed analysis of DC drive operation in transient and steady state operating conditions . Effects of non-ideal components and of saturation blocks introduced in the control systems.
  • Design of the input stage filter of the conveter. Real components selection criteria for passive and active devices.
  • Optimal tuning of the parameters of regulators. Performance analysis of the DC drives with the loads.

Teaching methods

Learning by doing in the laboratory.

100% of the lesson in lab

Assessment methods

delivery of a project of a DC drive

Teaching tools

PC with Matlab and Simulink

Office hours

See the website of Claudio Rossi