Cardioprotected University Project

The University of Bologna has launched a project to equip its premises with defibrillators to intervene promptly in case of cardiac arrest.

Cardioprotected University

The project was launched to provide the University with aid points equipped with Automated External Defibrillators (AED), implemented across the territory under the coordination of the 118 regional service.

To use the AEDs, the project will form a group of volunteers, based on the University's premises and in its hosting buildings, who will attend a theoretical and practical training course at the end of which they will receive a certificate of qualification from the Italian Red Cross.

Defibrillators are already present in some parts of the University and soon will be available throughout its premises.


Facilities where AEDs are already available



Palazzo Hercolani

171 - Strada Maggiore 45 (compresa via Bersaglieri)

Ingegneria (Risorgimento)

331 - viale Risorgimento 2


327 - viale Aldini 210

Plesso Agraria

475 - viale Fanin 40-50


6057 - viale Fanin 40 serre

Plesso Veterinaria

642 - via Tolara di Sopra 50/58


655 - via Tolara di Sopra 50/58

Campus Rimini

via Angherà/Alberti

Campus Cesena

via dell'Università 50