Who to contact

The university departments managing contributions for Student Associations.

The Sector for the Right to Study – Promotion of Cultural Activities Department manages the administrative procedure for the issue and publication of the single call for cultural, sports and recreational activities for Bologna and Romagna and receives all the applications presented on-line.

Only for Bologna associations, here below is a description of the procedure for the allocation and payment of contributions, as well as the accounts presentation procedures.

For Romagna these phases of the procedure, i.e. the allocation, payment and accounting of contributions, are established and monitored by each campus.

For Bologna

Promotion of Cultural Activities Department
Activity coordinators: Fiorella Poletti, Federico Drusiani

Opening times:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 11.15 am and Tuesday and Thursday from 2.30 to 3.30 pm.

Via Marsala 49 - 40126 Bologna
Tel.: 051 2094618 - 051 2094608 (the call centre service and fax are temporarily suspended)
Fax: 051/2086167
e-mail: abis.associazionistudentesche@unibo.it

Given the current emergency situation and the provisions in force, the call centre service and fax are suspended. The e-mail service remains active.

From 15 September 2020, only to supply documents or collect signed original certificates pertaining to the services managed by the Office, you can book an appointment via email (abis.associazionistudentesche@unibo.it) and go to the help desk in Viale Filopanti 1 (Bologna).
Office hours: Tuesday 9:00–12:30
Please note that to access the premises you are required to wear a mask covering over your nose and mouth. Without it, you cannot enter the premises.
For tracking purposes, as required during the health emergency, upon entering the premises you will be asked to provide your personal details.

For Romagna

Forlì Campus
Contact person for accounting and payments: Davide Ballardini
Forlì Campus
Piazzale Solieri, 1 - 47121 Forlì
Tel.: 0543/374853
Fax: accf.fax86296@unibo.it
e-mail: davide.ballardini@unibo.it

Cesena Campus
Contact person for accounting and payments: Davide Ballardini
Cesena Campus
Via Gaspare Finali 56 – 47521 Cesena (FC)
Tel.: 0547/338824
Fax: 0547/338244
e-mail: davide.ballardini@unibo.it

Ravenna Campus
Contact person for accounting and payments: Rita Caravita
Administrative Services
Contracts, Agreements, Payments and Missions
Via Baccarini, 27 - 48121 Ravenna
Tel.: 0544/936283
Fax: 0544/936264
e-mail: rita.caravita@unibo.it

Rimini Campus
Contact person for accounting and payments: Silvia Gnoli
Administrative Services
Staff and General Affairs
Via Angherà, 22 - 47921 Rimini
Tel.: 0541/434250
Fax: 0541/434178
e-mail: silvia.gnoli@unibo.it