Lease Contract Registration Desk - Bologna

Students should contact this desk for information and to register their own rental contract.

Students of the University of Bologna who need to register a rental contract or who take over the lease of another student and have to register the new contract can contact the desk run by the University of Bologna and the Inland Revenue (Agenzia delle Entrate) to receive information.

An official of the Agenzia delle Entrate will be present at the Rental Registration Desk to register the rental contracts for students of the University of Bologna, by appointment only, on the following days (in the morning): 


To register the contract you will need the following documents:

  • two copies, with original signature, of the contract to be registered;
  • mod. RLI, completed also on the third page - power of attorney of the owner(s);
  • photocopy of the ID documents of the owner(s).

And, if the owner has not opted for the "cedolare secca" tax:

  • a €16 duty stamp every 4 pages of the contract or in any case every 100 lines;
  • the payment receipt of the registration tax (form F23- F24 Elide).

A specific clause must be included in the rental contracts. In the clause the renter claims to have received information and documents related to house energy certificate. The omission of this clause may result in a financial penalty to be paid by the landlord and by the renter. (art.1, clause 7 - D.L. 23 December 2013, n. 145).