Exemptions and incentives

Every year, the University of Bologna offers to all its students scholarships, fellowships, and a wide range of aids and benefits.
Published Total merit-based exemption for students enrolled in the first year of second cycle degree programmes
The University of Bologna exempts students enrolled for the first year of a Second cycle degree programme from the payment of tuition fees if they satisfy specific merit requirements.
Published Action in favour of students faced with special difficulties
The University of Bologna and ER.GO (Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education) propose, on an experimental basis, an integrated project of action and services for students faced with special difficulties, with a view to helping them continue their studies.
Published Exemptions for students who become parents
Students who become parents during the academic year are exempted from the payment of tuition fees.
Published Benefits for students with brothers and/or sisters enrolled at the University of Bologna
Tuition fees are reduced for families with several children enrolled at the University of Bologna.
Published Exemptions for disabled students
Students in this condition are exempt from the payment of university fees.
Published Unibo for Refugees
A project promoted by the University of Bologna and the Municipality of Bologna for the integration of refugee students in the university world.
Published Tuition fee waivers for international students Unibo Action 1
The University of Bologna offers tuition fee waivers to deserving international students who wish to register for First Cycle, Second Cycle or Single Cycle Degree Programmes at the University of Bologna. Apply for Unibo Actions 1&2 calls to get them.
Published UNI-CO-RE: University Corridors for Refugees (Ethiopia-Unibo 2019-21)
UNI-CO-RE was created to allow refugee students in Ethiopia to continue their academic career at the University of Bologna.