Action in favour of students faced with special difficulties

The University of Bologna and ER.GO (Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education) propose, on an experimental basis, an integrated project of action and services for students faced with special difficulties, with a view to helping them continue their studies.


Students enrolled at the University of Bologna for the 2018/19 academic year who find themselves in difficulty as a result of special circumstances (such as but not limited to):

  • serious illness of the person concerned;
  • serious illness or death of family members living with the person concerned;
  • serious family or personal economic difficulties;
  • serious difficulties following earthquakes or other natural calamities affecting the student or the student's immediate family.

Benefits offered

The benefits offered comprise: 

  • cash grants;
  • total or partial exemption from tuition fees;
  • personalised instalment of student contributions;
  • counsellingas personal support to face personal difficulties even if not related to university studies;
  • activities of tutoring/personal support.

How to obtain the benefits

In order to obtain the benefits offered: