Ranking list of student collaboration activities - a. y. 2018/19 – Assignment of offices to winning students

The updated final ranking list of student collaboration activities - 150 hours academic year 2018/19 - is available. To all intents and purposes, publication on the University portal is considered communication to the winning students of the assignment to the Facility specified in the ranking list.

Winning students

Winners must contact the office to which they have been assigned as soon as possible in order to agree on the dates and times for collaboration activities. 

Eligible, non-assigned students

The ranking list of eligible students who have not won is used throughout the year to replace anyone who renounces and to meet any unexpected needs. In the event of assignment, the students concerned will be contacted by email.

Students who renounce

Students who do not intend to carry out collaboration activities must submit a written letter of withdrawal from such activities (enclosing a photostatic copy of a valid identification document) to the person in charge of the facility to which they have been assigned as soon as possible by post, fax or in person.

Students assigned to facilities outside the provinces in which the University offices are located, for which they have not expressed a preference, may renounce to the proposed assignment and remain in the ranking list at the office for which they expressed a preference at the time of application.

If students renounce to the new assignment as well, they will lose their right to participate in the collaboration activities.

In order to be able to exercise the right to renounce to assignments outside the province, while remaining in the ranking list, students must submit the appropriate form (in Italian) [.doc] duly filled in (enclosing a photocopy of a valid identification document), by 15 September 2019 to the Settore Diritto allo Studio (Right to Higher Education Centre) - Via delle Belle Arti, 42 - 40126 Bologna, and for information purposes to the assignment office; after this deadline, if they do not intend to accept the first assignment, they will permanently lose the right to carry out the collaboration activities. 

The maximum deadline to carry out this activity is 31 May 2020.