User’s Guide to the University Portal

Home page, layout of contents and surfing directions: learn about the main tools the Unibo Portal has devised to help you surf for information.

Surfing pathways

Each page of the Unibo Portal contains a number of fixtures that put you through directly to the contents you want. The fixtures are: the function bar, theme menus, profiles and footers.

Portal information and contents may be sought by two different pathways: user profile or topic (theme menu).

The function bar

A bar runs above the website heading giving direct access to:

  • Search engine: this is the service which provides the possibility to search information and documents within the domain.
  • University directories: this is the service which provides the possibility to find the contacts of Unibo staff and the addresses of university structures.
  • Online services for students and university staff: this is the section which collects links to the main online services for students and Unibo staff.
  • University Intranet: this is the Portal which contains information and services reserved to Teachers, Researchers, Administrative staff,  Foreign language instructors, lecturers,  Research assistants, Teaching tutors, Language trainers and PhD Students.
  • My e-mail: this is a free e-mail account  provided for students and Unibo staff.
  • My portal for students and Unibo staff: these are reserved areas dedicated to students and Unibo staff. Within these areas, it is possible to find information and services useful to university life.

Theme menus

Portal contents are organized by themes. Unibo divides into five theme headings:

  • University which introduces the history, structures and general organization of Bologna University;
  • Teaching which tells you about courses, enrolments and degrees;
  • Research which pools information on technological transfer, and the projects and results of university research;
  • International explaining the agreements, schemes and exchange programmes to which Bologna University belongs;
  • Services and opportunities which is a point of access to information about student concessions, libraries, opportunities and services offered by the University.

A click on a theme area takes you to the section specially devoted to it. Each section has its own home page, a special announcement and a surfing menu which directs you to the contents of that section.


Portal contents are also organized by user profile. Beside the heading you will see the range of specifically-addressed user types. The profiles are:

  • Prospective students: users thinking of enrolling and wishing to find out about programmes and the university.
  • Current students: Unibo students wishing to learn about the services and opportunities provided by their university.
  • Exchange students: students who wish to join exchange programmes or are generally interested in what the University has to offer.
  • Graduates: Bachelor or Master graduates from Bologna University or any other Italian or foreign universities who are mainly interested in post-graduate opportunities.
  • Business & Industry: institutes and companies interested in liaising with the University or the services it provides.
  • Incoming Staff: people who want to become Unibo employees or who want to know about mobility opportunities for international teachers and researchers.

The contents of each profile are inside a box giving direct access to information for users answering to the profile description.

Each profile also has a home page with a special announcement and two boxes on the left containing ‘pocket companion’ pages of useful information and contacts.


The Footer is the section located at the bottom of each Portale webpages. It provides a direct access to information about Copyright and Legal notes, Privacy policy, Accessibility, Certified e-mail – PEC, General administration offices, Calls, Contracting and competitions, Transparent administration, ecc. Moreover, the footer contains also links to the main social channels of the University.


Unibo home page

The home page gives direct access to the whole Portal via three sections:

  • Slideshow
    Clearly visible on the home page, the slideshow is an access point to important events, news and messages. Each slide is in the form of an image. Slides change round every five seconds. You can pause them by the classic pause sign (II). The command ‘Continua’ sends you to the page shown by the link.
  • Central column
    This is the main access to announcements, the launchpad for the headlines of UniboMagazine and Front Page News obtainable from University Noticeboard.
  • Left-hand column
    This contains a box opening onto the main university structures (e.g. CampusDepartments). It also contains banners leading you to information pages or services of special interest.

The Italian version

The IT button (top right on each English page) takes you to the Italian version. From there the corresponding EN button takes you back to English.

The Italian version of the Portal has the same information layout as the English Portal. This makes sure you don’t lose your surfing pathway. 
If a topic lacks a version in another language, a click on EN or IT will call up a page explaining this.

The Mobile Version

The Bologna University websites may also be consulted from mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet. 
More about the UniboMobile version.