A project that looks to the past but also to the future with young and innovative proposals communication: this is the point of sale Unibostore official merchandise signed University of Bologna, which is open to everyone - teachers, students, alumni, citizens, tourists, businesses and organizations-they love the most important cultural institution.

Located in the heart of the University campus, spreading the brand Unibostore "Alma Mater Studiorum" suggesting solutions that are original, suitable for all occasions, recreational or institutional life of the university and leisure: an assortment of comfortable clothing and colorful, practical bags and linear, as well as various accessories for the study and office. And again, a selection of gadgets and gifts for graduation ceremonies or special gifts for friends and acquaintances.
With a focus on product quality and with the cooperation of the most prestigious companies in different sectors, Unibostore offers products and custom designed ad hoc for every need, all meticulously branded Alma Mater.
Promote the image of the University of Bologna in its millennial tradition now as well as in its modernity, raise the visibility of local and internationally, the spirit of belonging and collective identity: this is the mission of Unibostore, the showcase of the oldest universities in the world Western!