The service that allows you to specify how you prefer to attend classes, in person or online.

You can use the “Presente” service to schedule your classes, specifying the attendance mode you prefer.

Even if you are not yet enrolled, you can log in to the new “Presente” service, using your credentials (, to schedule classes for each course unit, specifying the attendance mode you prefer.

You can specify your preference, which will be valid for the following two weeks, and you must do this by the Thursday before the beginning of the two week period.

On Fridays, the attendance mode for each course chosen will be displayed.  

Should there still be places available in the room, you will be able to add your name to attend the class in person even after the scheduling deadline has expired.

If, for a specific course unit, the requests to attend in person exceed classroom capacity, students will be divided into two groups, each of which will attend one of the two weeks in person, and the other week in online mode.
If you are no longer able to attend a class in person, remember to cancel your name and to check Presente every day to be informed of any changes regarding teaching methods.

For all course units that also allow for attendance in person, it is important that you specify how you intend to attend the classes, even if you choose the online mode.

If you do not specify how you intend to attend the classes, you will still be able to attend them online.

In addition to choosing your course units on Presente, you will also be required to fill in your study plan.

We recommend logging in to “Presente" regularly, to check for messages on the schedule for the following days.

Log in to “Presente”