Training and guidance internships

Training and guidance internships can be carried out by recent graduates within 12 months of graduation.

Training and guidance internships are intended to establish direct contacts between interns and their host organisations or bodies, in order to facilitate the expansion of their knowledge, the acquisition of professional skills and their insertion into the world of work.

Training and guidance internships consist in a period of careers guidance and training, in a situation that does not establish a working relationship.


Persons who have obtained a qualification (first, second cycle degree, specialization school, PhD programme degree, professional Master's programme - first or second level) within the past 12 months are eligible.


The following information relates to internships carried out in Emilia-Romagna. For the other Regions, checks are required to determine whether the activation should be managed directly by the University of Bologna or by other organising bodies (ex. Recruitment Centres).

Curricular internship must commence within twelve months of graduation. Information about available internships and the organisations that have agreements with the University is available from the Online Internship Service for students.
The content of internships and the procedures for carrying them out are agreed by the contact person at the host structure, the intern and a University teacher with the title of “Teaching/organisation coordinator”.

In order to arrange an internship, it is necessary to sign an agreement between the University and the Host structure, and prepare an individual training and guidance project for each intern.

The training and guidance project must contain:

  • the details of the Intern;
  • the details of the Tutors;
  • the details of the Host structure;
  • the objectives of the internship and the procedures for carrying it out, determined with reference to the Regional Qualifications System (SRQ);
  • details of the related INAIL accident insurance and the third-party liability insurance;
  • the name of the Certifying party for the internship.

The document must be signed by all the parties involved.


The maximum duration of training and guidance internships within the same host structure is 6 months (extensions included). There is no trial period.


The monthly remuneration for internships carried out in Emilia Romagna cannot be less than Euro 450.00. See the regulations applying to those carried out in other Regions.
Post-Degree experiences abroad are regulated by national laws, normally without the involvement of the University from which the students come from, or by specific international programmes.

Certification of activities carried out and skills acquired

All internships must be completed by the formalisation and certification of the skills acquired by the intern. This service is provided by certifying parties - training institutions, schools, universities - authorised by the Emilia-Romagna Region.