Disabled students - Conditions to be exempted from tuition fees

Only students with a certified disability of 66% or more are eligible for exemption from tuition fees regardless of their academic merit or household income.

Apply for exemption with the University following the related announcement issued by ER.GO - Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education:

  • At the time of enrolment students are required to pay only for the regional fee. Students are requested to submit a copy of their disability certificate to their School Student Registry office for a pay slip for a fee of approximately 160.00 Euros).
  • After that no further fees are to be paid, with the exception of the regional fee, insurance policies and stamp duties. The related slips will be sent by post to all students concerned at the beginning of every academic year. Once the fees are paid the students are automatically registered to the corresponding academic year.

The exemption application must be renewed every year.