Services for students with special needs and students with specific learning disabilities

The Service provides support for students with special needs enrolled at the University of Bologna.

Who we are

The Services for students with special needs and students with specific learning disabilities mainly carries out the addresses of students with disabilities on entry and exit from the university and support them throughout their course of study, with the aim of identifying and designing the types of support needed to each student to perform successfully their studies.

The Service is also working with different universities and regional agencies and local institutions in the belief that, through strong networks of sharing and working together, we can take meaningful steps towards a university more accessible to everybody.

What we do

The Service provides support for students with special needs and for students with specific learning disabilities

Due to their specific characteristics of the LSD  - specific learning disabilities (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysorthography, dyscalculia - DSA in Italian) are often considered invisible.
It is for this reason that the Services for students with special needs and students with specific learning disabilities has thought fit to create a specific desk that was more visible in order to reach students.

The Service, since its inception, tried to center its activities on three main points :

  • to respond to the needs of students with LSD;
  • to help create the conditions for maximum acceptance by the University facilities;
  • to establish contacts and collaborations with people in our area, has expertise and experience in the field.

The main activities of this service are:

  • Support and guidance to students with special needs during the transition from Secondary School to University, to help them familiarise with the University environment;
  • Cooperation with the Schools and in particular with the persons of reference where present, to identify and plan any help which may be necessary to enable each student to successfully follow their chosen course. In particular as regards the creation of appropriate practical, logistical and relationship conditions for learning;
  • Personalized contacts with students with special needs to monitor their study progress and collect requests, comments and suggestions;
  • Contacts with local public and private institutions that may contribute to the University’s service for students with special needs. For certain specific matters cooperation with bodies and associations is governed by agreements established by the University itself;
  • Guidance service at the end of the course to help students integrate into society and the world of work.

Our services

In case of special needs during a course the following services are available to students:

  • Specific services in relation to specific needs and different types of disabilities;
  • Support service for dyslexic students: e-mail;
  • Student tutor, university student within the second year beyond the official time limit who carries out various support activities;
  • Specialised tutor with specific technical competences.  For example this category of tutors includes people who teach blind students to use special IT instruments or people who communicate with deaf students who use Italian Sign Language.


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