Guidance and tutoring

From choosing the right programme to what to do after graduation, the University of Bologna offers a wide range of services to its students, helping them make the right choice every time.


On Alma Orienta you can find contents and services for:

As part of the guidance programme, students may use the services and tools  available to anyone wishing to enrol at the University of Bologna, those wishing to manage their university career in the best possible way and those wishing to continue with their studies or enter the job market.



The presence of tutors at the University of Bologna facilitates students in their studies, acting as a valid point of reference throughout their university career.

Tutors are available for incoming students for initial guidance, for specific degree programmes and in the student residences. Internship guidance tutors are also available, as well as tutors for disabled and dyslexic students.

In addition to access to the tutoring service, enrolled students can also become tutors themselves, but applying to the calls for tutoring contracts published periodically on Alma Orienta and on the School websites.

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Cross-cultural consultation service for international students

The service is designed for international students from different cultural contexts who are experiencing personal difficulties or are struggling to adapt to a new cultural and social environment.

Information about Cross-cultural consultation service for international students