Workshops, events, initiatives

The University of Bologna organises workshops, meetings on business development activities, talks with entrepreneurs and innovators.

Awareness events

The University organises meetings on developing business activities, awareness events with entrepreneurs and innovators sharing their experiences, also in collaboration with local players.

  • Aperimpact, Aperiseed and AperiCult
    Events organised to meet entrepreneurs and discuss topics such as creating an enterprise and generating impact.

Training activities and programmes

Specific training for spin-off entrepreneurs during the creation stage

  • Training and mentoring
  • Basic entrepreneurship training programme  
  • Advanced entrepreneurship training programme

Specific training for start-up entrepreneurs

Themed programmes and learning activities

  • StudENT4Africa 
    A programme aimed at creating innovative business projects to generate social and economic development in Africa. 
  • Cooperative Enterprises

Workshops to access Almalabor 

  • Learning by Helping - 14 - 20 December 2019
    During the workshop students will learn how to create solutions with social impact and validate them through prototypes.

Community-building activities

  • AlmaEClub
    Inter-disciplinary club for teachers and researchers at the University of Bologna who support the development of an entrepreneurial culture.