Supporting entrepreneurship to create spin-offs

The University of Bologna offers different initiatives and services to support teachers, researchers, fellow researchers and PhD students who wish to develop business ideas.

the strategy builds on 5 pillars



Creating an entrepreneurial culture


Awareness initiatives and programmes designed to divulge entrepreneurial culture within the University of Bologna.

  • AlmaEClub
    Inter-disciplinary club for teachers and researchers at the University of Bologna who support the development of an entrepreneurial culture.
  • Basic Academy
    Training programme on models and tools useful to valorise entrepreneurial potential, results and research projects with a high level of innovation. Dedicated to the entire research community at the University of Bologna.
  • "Off the beaten tracks” training process
    A project dedicated to newly employed researchers at the University of Bologna. It aims to assist with the introduction in a professional context and includes interventions to protect and valorise intellectual property and services to support new entrepreneurship.



Scouting ideas


Activities and events to select ideas with entrepreneurial potential in all disciplinary areas and encourage networking to develop entrepreneurship.

  • Call for spin-off projects
    The call for applications, addressed to the community of the University of Bologna, is available on the University’s intranet.
  • StartUp Day
    Event promoting entrepreneurship.



Business development


Programmes to support entrepreneurial teams assisted by experts, mentors and institutional investors.

    It includes spaces for coworking, where you can exchange ideas, develop innovative projects, and a digital workshop, where you can use machines (laser cutters, 3D printers, etc.) and receive assistance in prototyping.
  • Advanced Academy
    Support to develop business potential, thanks to the assistance of mentors specialising in the sector and clubs of investors.
  • Proof of Concept (PoC)
    A tool to help develop inventions patented by the University of Bologna and increase their commercial potential.
  • Call for business plans
    An initiative to identify the business plans to support with interventions aimed at creating growth.



Business Incubation


Support activities to help with business consolidation and management: logistic services, legal and accounting advice, team building and business planning support.

  • Almacube
    The business incubator of the University of Bologna, in collaboration with Confindustria-Emilia Centro.



Growth and Development


Projects and partnerships with investors and public and private subjects to support business growth and development.

  • Strategic Partnerships
    The University of Bologna collaborates with other organisations and national and international institutions (banks, accelerators, investors, etc.), to strengthen growth of approved enterprises.
  • International Mobility Programmes
    The University of Bologna encourages the exchange of good practices through international mobility programmes focused on business development.