ITPGAH - Italian Technology Platform "Italian Global Animal Health"

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bologna, in collaboration with ARIC (the University of Bologna's research division) has initiated the process to establish the National Technology Platform "Italian Global Animal Health" (ITPGAH).

ITPGAH aims to join all major stakeholders in the animal health field around a common strategic Vision aiming to stimulate partnerships between the public and private sectors and strengthen the scientific foundations for the development and competitiveness of the industries in the sector.

The Italian platform is a mirror group of the European Technology Platform "European Technology Platform on Global Animal Health" (ETPGAH) which joins veterinary pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology companies, breeders, research institutes, universities, regulatory authorities and the financial world, and is supported by several general directorates of the European Commission (DG DEV, DG research, DG SANCO).

ITPGAH aims to summarise the strategic vision of the Italian stakeholders in the animal health field in order to make it count more on both the national and Community political field, aiming to produce regulatory amendments fostering the development and competitiveness of businesses in the animal health sector, both through a more effective partnership between public and private research and through the necessary reorganisation and rationalisation of the research bodies.

ITPGAH Endorsement. How to support the platform

Industries,institutions, research centres, consortia, universities, associations, banks, foundations wishing to support the National ITPGAH Platform can fill in the form and send it to:

All logos will be presented on a single document to illustrate the interest in participating in future initiatives arising from the activities of the future ITPGAH platform (national consultations, strategic plans, Italian Vision Document to define research priorities etc.).