FABRE - Farm Animal Breeding

The FABRE-TP (Farm Animal Breeding and Reproduction Technology) platform unites the main public and private stakeholders in the industrial and research sectors of animal selection and reproduction

The platform

Defines and proposes medium and long-term research and technological development objectives to guarantee sustainability, growth and competitiveness in European animal production with a focus also on the problems affecting developing countries.

The selection and reproduction of livestock concern activities at the top of the animal production pyramid, and profoundly impact the quality and quantity of productions and their relative sustainability. Europe has always played a key role in the improvement of the main livestock species. However, new technologies and new knowledge are offering new global challenges as well as important opportunities for the sector.

The sustainably achieve the objectives of increase in animal production in both qualitative and quantitative terms, maximising efficiency, a key role will also be played by the progress made in the selection, genetic improvement of and reproduction of livestock. Indeed, world-wide, consumption of products of animal origin is estimated to grow by 7% annually for the next 10 years and see constant growth for the next 20 years, particularly in developing countries.

In Italy, at the initiative of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, the University of Bologna has joined the national platform which is being established.


The General Regulation requires the establishment of a Steering Committee led by a Chairman and two co-Chairmen, one for the dairy sector and one for the beef and pork sectors. ITAPABRE has a Mirror Group ensuring the coordination of the Platform activities with the initiatives of the respective administrations and support initiatives at national and European level. The Mirror Group comprises the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, the Ministry of Universities and Research, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Economic Development, as well as a Representative of the Regions. The bodies of the platform are generally held by the technical and administrative secretariat of the Italian Platform, which should be run by the CRSA, Consortium for Farm Breeders' Research and Experimentation.