Multimedia Research Resource Centre - CRR-MM

The purpose of the Resources for Multlimedia Research Centre is to help researchers in their projects. In particular, it provides services to teaching staff and researchers of the University of Bologna for the production, process, storage, dissemination and use of multimedia materials: collections of texts and images, audiovisual materials and sound recordings, animation, etc.

The activities of the centre focus on two main areas:

  • video production; 
  • creation and management of multimedia collections.





Video Production

The centre carries out activities on its own behalf and provides technical assistance for the design, preparation, shooting, editing and post-production of audio-visual materials. The multimedia contents are archived on the centre's server and distributed through a range of national and international web communication channels: from the University portal to dedicated websites, from YouTube to key social media.

Some examples of videos produced by the centre:

Helping you to choose a degree programme

AlmaOrienta 2014

Interviews with UNIBO researchers for the "5 per 1000" tax donation campaign

International Interdisciplinary Research

Creation and management of multimedia collections

The centre manages the multimedia collections on file for sharing and accessibility for future reference, offering the following services:

  • analysing and developing software platforms and metadata more suited to management, preservation and use of digital resources;
  • consultancy over modelling and organizing research project data;
  • preserving digital resources for access over time, in liaison with CeSIA, in order to ensure that databanks are sustainable and lastingly available;
  • development of research interfaces and specific websites to guarantee access to resources;
  • assisting researchers to formulate data management plans;
  • ontology engineering for linked data and organization of knowledge;
  • legal support, in collaboration with ARIC.

Some examples of databases and multimedia collections managed by the centre:

ASFE: database documenting the student population of the University of Bologna from 1500 to 1800.

Vespasiano da Bisticci, letters: critical edition of the letters of Vespasiano da Bisticci. 

Corago: database providing scholars with information on Italian melodrama from the 17th to the early 20th century.

Classical Reception: project in progress to catalogue the wealth of authors and classical texts of modern literature from the Justinian era to modern times.

La dama boba: a digital critical edition demo of Lope de Vega works, with a synoptic view of the witnesses. graphic design and maintenance of the interactive website for the Italian - French linguistic corpus (Quebec language).


The Multimedia Research Resource Center is being reorganized at present. Information on service provision is available on the University Intranet.