Central European Crowd-funding Support

Project starts from the main challenge of unused crowdfunding (CF) potential, especially in the eastern part of CE countries. The project's main objective is to improve skills and competences of all 4 relevant stakeholder groups to prepare them for taking advantage of crowdfunding phenomena. Change will be visible in improved financial conditions for start-ups fostering innovation, employment and social stability in the region. Focus will be on economically weaker businessess with fewer opportunities, who do not have access to bank loans, but with use CF would be able to start business ideas. CF also minimizes business risk-taking and increases entrepreneurship
mind-set. Outputs and results of the project are closely connected with beneficiaries:

  • Crowdfunding platform operators: increased institutional competences with providing minimum platform standards, minimizing cross-border barriers for CF, raising professional competences with exchange of experiences; -SMEs and start ups: increased competences for CF fundraising with trainings, guidelines, advising, pre-funding check and supporting CF campaigns;
  • Citizens (CF investors): increased safety by better understanding of benefits and risks;
  • Policy makers: increased decision making competences: regional action plans for CF support, proposals for legislation improvements, contribution from CE to EU level.

Project is innovative in its approach of balanced raising CF capacities of all 4 relevant stakeholder groups by knowledge sharing and learning from the most advanced. Based on raised capacities the innovation system will have better foundation for development. Crowdfunding is global phenomena, therefore it cannot be properly addressed on national level. Other reason for transnational approach is opportunity for knowledge transfer along east-west divide.

Unibo Team Leader: Antonino Rotolo
Unibo Department:
Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca in Storia del Diritto, Filosofia e Sociologia del Diritto e Informatica Giuridica A. Gaudenzi e G. Fassò - CIRSFID

Coordinator: E-Institute, Institute for comprehensive development solutions (Slovenia)
Other Participants:
Alma Mater Studiorum - Università Di Bologna (Italy)
Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia RERA, jsc. (Czech Republic)
Gdansk Entrepreneurship Foundation (Poland)
Città Metropolitana di Bologna (Italy)
Ikosom – Institute for communication and social media (Germany)
ISN - Innovation Service Network (Austria)
CONDA (Austria)
Creative Industry Forum (Slovakia)
BRODOTO (Croatia)

Total Budget: € 2.416.460,00
Total Eu (ERDF) Contribution: € 1.995.309,75

Project Duration in months: 36
Start Date: 01/07/2016
End Date: 30/06/2019