Bologna Smart City

The knowledge of the Alma Mater at the disposal of the city: Municipality, University and Aster work together in the "Bologna Smart City" platform.

Developing innovative solutions to urban and social problems, making technologies available to the local community. Bologna responds to the Smart City challenge with a strategic alliance between the world of research, business and public administration aiming to pool resources, talents and ideas to make the city more environmentally sustainable, reduce costs, avoid energy waste, improve the general quality of life, guarantee social inclusion and the right to participation, education and health, promoting culture as a means for the growth and economic development of the community. This is the strategic vision of the Bologna Smart City project.

The City: a laboratory in continuous evolution

The partnership between the Municipality, University and Aster, confirmed in the Memorandum of Understanding, aims to outline the priorities, strategies and tools for the development of the Bologna Smart City project, including the building of opportunities for access to external national and European funding.
The project platform also offers an opportunity to experiment a new model of joint work among different institutional stakeholders, as well as between the public and private sectors. The aim is to create a context for the development and implementation of actions and projects which have great impact on the local community, and the University of Bologna contributes to these actions with research, ideas and experiences involving all subject areas.

Bologna Smart City Platform

  • The projects established by the Bologna Smart City platform are in line with the objectives of the Metropolitan Strategic Plan, and are expected to take the form of joint proposals for national and European calls for applications. The partners of the Bologna Smart City platform are already working to define some project proposals to submit for the PON programme (National Operating Programme for Research and Competitiveness) Smart Cities and Communities.
  • The project platform formalises the activities undertaken until now by the Municipality, Alma Mater and Aster in the Smart City field, and is now open to other bodies, trade associations and businesses wishing to contribute to building the contents of the projects and implement them according to local needs and opportunities.

7 project fields

The Municipality, the University and Aster have identified 7 key fields of joint action which are also open to new "Smart partnerships" with other bodies and businesses interested in developing specific actions. To apply, see the Iperbole2020 website

  1. Cultural Heritage (enhancement and requalification of the historical centre and its cultural heritage, the porticoes and tourism);
  2. Iperbole 2020 Cloud & Crowd (redesign of the Iperbole Civic Network, based on cloud technologies and an integrated digital identity, joining the contents and services of the PA, businesses and the local community);
  3. Intelligent networks (Smart grid, Ultra-Broadband Fibre to the Home (FFTH) and Smart Lighting);
  4. Sustainable Mobility (development of an intelligent mobility network - also electricity based);
  5. Safe and sustainable neighbourhoods (Redevelopment of the public and private heritage to increase energy efficiency and production, monitor building security, waste management, social housing, automation systems, co-working, services and new fields for knowledge workers and researchers);
  6. Health and Welfare (e-care, e-health, process optimisation and business intelligence);
  7. Education and technical training (development of projects in the educational field, fostering a new technical and scientific culture).